Can eat red jujube really “blood tonic”?Red dates are really healthy and delicious when eaten like this

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For example, eating bone soup is good for calcium, eating fish can brighten your eyes, and eating red dates can improve your blood.In fact, these ways of health care are lack of a certain scientific basis, the vast majority of “shape to complement shape, color to complement color” but our psychological role.The red color of jujube makes people associate it with blood, but can we really rely on eating jujube to supplement blood in our daily life?In fact, the iron in red dates that can eventually be absorbed by the body is no different from ordinary food.Clinical go up relatively common anaemia is be short of iron sex anaemia, it is to point to the anaemia that be caused by because hematopoietic raw material inadequacy or use obstacle commonly.Every 100g of fresh jujube, iron content is 1.2mg.Although this value looks very high, the human body usually absorbs iron into heme iron and non-heme iron, and the iron in red dates is non-heme iron.Non-heme iron is a bit tricky for the body to use. It has to be converted from insoluble iron into a soluble state before it can be absorbed into the blood to make its own heme.In this process, there are phytic acid, oxalic acid, phosphoric acid, dietary fiber and other hindering factors, absorption and utilization efficiency will be greatly reduced.And fresh jujube once dried into red jujube, which contains vitamin C and iron will be lost with the loss of water, and ultimately can be absorbed by the human body is not significantly different from the general food.Besides the reason of anaemia is relatively diversiform, be short of iron to bring about just not only, because this wants to fill iron with pure and eat red jujube to deal with anaemia is not so simple thing.Although red jujube can not directly supplement blood, but can be used as nourishing blood food.Red dates in the traditional Chinese medicine prescription, is the most common medicine and food homology, sweet and warm, the main function is to tonify qi, nourish blood and calm the nerves, clinical mainly used for spleen and stomach qi deficiency, blood deficiency yellow, blood deficiency insomnia, dream and other diseases.Often drink red jujube water to the menstrual blood overmuch and the female that causes anaemia, can rise to improve the tonifying effect of pale face and cold hands and feet.Want to supplement the blood through red dates, so that eating is correct.1. Eat with vitamin C At present, international authoritative medical institutions recommend that the prevention of iron deficiency anemia food has two kinds, namely rich in iron and rich in vitamin C food.Although the absorption of non-heme iron in jujube is more trouble, but if there is a lot of vitamin C and organic acids to help, the absorption rate of non-heme iron can be improved.For example, hawthorn, both rich in VC and rich in organic acids, iron effect is very good.In addition, there are raisins, dried plums, dried apricots and other iron-rich plant foods and broccoli, oranges and other foods rich in vitamin C recommended by European and American countries, which can be eaten with dates.2. Eating fresh dates is better than eating dried dates. When it comes to iron supplementation, fresh dates are better than dry dates.Fresh jujube is rich in vitamin C, which can improve the absorption rate of iron.Especially autumn and winter season of fresh jujube, acid crisp refreshing, its vitamin C content per 100g can be as high as 200mg.3. Eating dates as a snack can be a daily source of iron and another important reason is that they are delicious and convenient to eat.But the main ingredient of dried dates is sugar, accounting for about 70-80%, if it is a woman who needs to lose weight or people with diabetes, you should pay attention to it.Both dry red jujube and fresh jujube, the taste is very good, very popular with female friends, is not only good snacks between meals, and can also be placed on sweets and eat point, such as tremella soup of big jujube, jujube cake, jujube longan rice pudding, etc., it is convenient to eat, is easy to eat a lot of dates, for iron is helpful.