Ice and snow tourism is popular!During the Spring Festival holiday, 74 A-level scenic spots in the island city received A total of 1.287,500 tourists

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During the Spring Festival of 2022, Qingdao’s tourism market recovered rapidly. From January 31 to February 6, the city’s total monitoring of 74 A-level scenic spots, A total of 1.287,500 people received, A year-on-year increase of 14.85%;The operating revenue was 23.279,200 yuan, up 21.72% year on year.There are 60 star hotels monitored in the city, with an average occupancy rate of 14.09%.During the Spring Festival, cultural activities are abundant, and the cinema has achieved a box office revenue of 56.032 million yuan. Featured tourism is popular, such as ice and snow, hot spring and featured folk customs activities.Tourism market rapid recovery, ice and snow tourism popular Spring Festival on the eve of Qingdao culture and tourism organization launched the “hi Qingdao, yue enjoy winter” winter swimming Qingdao series of activities, organization district city launched more than 160 rich contents, various forms, the masses participation strong characteristic of theme activities, in bureau of the public, launched the green guide to the Chinese New Year,Effectively promoted the city’s winter tourism heat.The city’s cultural and tourism departments combined with the actual situation of Qingdao, seize the Spring Festival, winter Olympics and other opportunities to vigorously develop snow and ice tourism, hot spring tourism, folk tourism and other special tourism.Actively revitalize the city’s snow and ice tourism resources, launched more than 20 snow and ice series activities, focusing on the creation of six theme products such as “winter travel interesting, winter travel interesting”, injected new vitality and strong power into the winter tourism “snow and ice economy”.During the 7-day Spring Festival holiday, the West Coast Zangma Mountain ski resort received more than 20,000 tourists, an increase of 130% compared with the same period last year, and realized ticket revenue of more than 4 million yuan, an increase of 80% compared with the same period last year.Qingdao Guoxin Culture and Sports Company took the opportunity of the Winter Olympics to launch the ice and snow Carnival, add 6 ice and snow amusement equipment, set up the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics culture display wall, so that everyone can learn more about the Winter Olympics while playing, more than 2,000 visitors to the park every day, nearly twice as much as the same period in previous years;Jinshan ski resorts have a junior high school senior in the original word, flying saucer ski runs, snowmobile, sightseeing lift and so on, on the basis of this new magic carpet and other entertainment facilities, tourists love, by young people, the Spring Festival for seven days, the revenue of 922000 yuan, every 5700 people in the current outbreak under the condition of multiple, distributed, number of visitors, income still achieved positive growth.According to the characteristics of winter temperature, we should make full use of hot spring resources and develop hot spring tourism.Qingdao Haiquan Bay Resort, Tiantai Le ‘ai Art and Literature Town, Jiile Tang Jimo Hot Spring Hall and Qingdao Xianggen Hot Spring Hotel received 31,000 tourists in seven days, with a revenue of 3.17 million yuan, basically the same as last year.Puchu lulan Soup House and other themed b&Bs featuring hot springs in Qingdao are popular with tourists, and it is hard to find a room during the Spring Festival.Based on the integration of culture and tourism, vigorously develop folk tourism.Cieme ancient city with “holidays to cieme city” as the theme, using the combination of the “customs in + market + exhibition” form, held by customs, customs in intangible, collectables – autograph “and the market”, introduced cieme LiuQiang, jiaodong yangko, light show, painting and calligraphy exhibition, marriage customs show, the guard tour series features such as performance, citizens and tourists to enjoy happiness and peaceful, safe and orderly of the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, Qingdao Culture and Tourism Bureau organized 811 mass cultural activities in cultural venues to actively create a festive atmosphere and enrich the cultural life of the masses, which were well received by citizens and tourists.Qingdao Cultural Center has held mass cultural activities such as “Our Chinese Dream — Culture into Thousands of People” and “Fu Hu Welcomes The New Year” exhibition of Qingdao famous calligraphers’ couplets, attracting 61 percent more visitors than in 2021.Qingdao Museum has launched 10 thematic exhibitions, including “Tiger Tiger Alive: Five Cities of Jiaodong in The Year of the NonYin Zodiac” and “Tiger Head, Tiger Head and Tiger Head to Welcome The Spring Festival”, to attract visitors to the museum to experience the Spring Festival culture.Qingdao Art Museum organized four art exhibitions during the Spring Festival, such as poem Dream around Rattan Flowers — Wang Junhua Wang Jiadong and His Son Painting and Seal Cutting Exhibition;Qingdao Urban Cultural Heritage Protection Center has organized cultural exhibitions such as Exhibition of Jiaodong Wood Plank Year collection and Qingdao Cultural Celebrity of Mountain and Sea Departed persons.Qingdao Library held the 18th Qingdao paper cutting Competition activity of “Golden Tiger Greeting Spring”, which was deeply loved by the general public.Qingdao Performing Arts Group organized 22 performances during the Spring Festival, such as the Children’s play “Legend of The Beast” and the Spring Festival Crosstalk Convention.In addition, the cultural and tourism departments of each district and city have organized a series of colorful cultural activities, such as paper-cutting contest, couplet creation contest, tiger culture theme exhibition, folk culture festival, wood engraving exhibition and so on, to provide “cultural feast” for citizens and tourists.The city’s 92 cinemas operated normally during the Spring Festival, and increased the number of films in accordance with the characteristics of the Spring Festival. From The New Year’s Eve to the fifth day, a total of 1,001 million tickets were sold, realizing the box office revenue of 56.032 million yuan. Among them, 257,000 people went to the movies on the first day of the first month.From the 7th to the 16th day of the 1st lunar month, the city’s cultural departments at all levels will continue to hold various forms of cultural activities, such as guessing lantern riddles and reciting poems for the Lantern Festival, to create a joyous atmosphere for the island city’s traditional festivals.All 109 a-class tourist scenic spot to carry out the prevention and control measures of the city’s 109 a-class tourist scenic spot, the full implementation of the “flow” appointment, wrong peak, work measures to actively promote “grading inspection, multidirectional shunt” controls, use of ticket booking, traffic management level lead, set up A special group ticket zones, guide the orderly tourists,Effectively avoid the phenomenon of tourists in a large area.According to the epidemic situation in individual regions, priority should be given to the screening of tourists from medium and high-risk areas. All tourists should strictly check their health code, check their temperature, and wear masks before entering the scenic spots.In libraries, museums, cultural centers, art galleries and other public cultural venues in The city, on the basis of doing a good job in code checking, temperature measurement and wearing masks, the venues were regularly disinfected and ventilated with Windows open to strictly prevent and control the spread of the epidemic.During the Spring Festival, no tourists from medium and high-risk areas were found.During the Spring Festival holiday, the city’s cultural law enforcement department dispatched 310 law enforcement personnel to inspect 228 cultural tourism business sites.Twenty-seven problems of epidemic prevention and control were found and dealt with, including 27 Internet service establishments. The main problem was that some consumers did not wear masks, and rectification was urged.During the Spring Festival holiday, Qingdao received seven tourism complaints, all about the service quality of scenic spots, which have been properly handled.During the festival, the city’s cultural tourism market runs smoothly and orderly, without negative public opinion.Qingdao Culture and Tourism Bureau arranges the holiday duty work in advance, strengthens the training for the on-duty personnel before the holiday, organizes the on-duty personnel to learn the on-duty discipline and the process of reporting emergency information, and ensures that one shift leader and three on-duty personnel are on duty 24 hours a day.To organize the cultural and tourism bureaus of each district and municipality and the units directly affiliated to them to strictly do a good job in work safety, improve the emergency plan for work safety accidents in advance, and strengthen law enforcement inspection and safety investigation for key places such as tourist attractions, star-rated hotels, tour buses and cultural venues.