Another New York Asian woman followed home and stabbed to death by a homeless man

2022-05-17 0 By

New York police confirmed that a 35-year-old Korean woman was stabbed to death in her apartment in Chinatown in lower Manhattan early Wednesday morning by a man who followed the victim from the street into her apartment building.Police have identified the victim as Christina Yuna Lee, and have arrested a 25-year-old suspect, Assamad Nash, who faces murder and burglary charges.Police confirmed that surveillance video recorded the suspect following Lee into her apartment building around 4:30 a.m. on The 13th.When police were called to the scene by a neighbor, the suspect barricaded himself in the victim’s apartment and tried to escape through a fire escape.Police found the victim dead with multiple stab wounds in a bathtub at his home.The victim’s company confirmed that Ms. Lee, a Rutgers graduate, had worked as a senior creative producer at Splice, an online digital music platform.She has also created photo and video ads for brands such as Marriott International and Equinox, according to her website.Court records show Nash has a history of misdemeanor arrests, including an assault on a 62-year-old man in September at the Nearby Grand Street station.Police said Una Lee did not appear to know the suspect or have any contact with him before she was followed home.Mayor Eric Adams issued a statement calling the case “horrific” and saying, “We stand with our Asian community today.The mission of this administration is clear: we will not let this violence go unchecked.”New York Gov. Kathy Hochul also publicly said she was “mourning this tragic and heartbreaking tragedy,” saying, “In recent months, we have seen too many acts of violence against New Yorkers of Asian And Pacific Ancestry.We have to make sure that every community in our state is safe.”After the incident, local Asian community leaders rallied near the scene to demand the city take action.Lee is the latest victim to be injured and killed in a series of random attacks in New York City.Last month, Michelle Alyssa Go, a 40-year-old Asian woman, died when she was pushed off a platform while waiting for a train in Times Square.Police say the suspect, Simon Martial, 61, who they say has a history of mental illness, was arrested.Yao Pan Ma, 61, a Man of Chinese heritage who scavenged on the streets, was attacked in East Harlem on Dec. 31 and died last week.The suspect in the case, 50-year-old Jarrod Powell, has been charged with second-degree murder.