Who said Liverpool didn’t spend big?60 million euro monster: he’s the best knockout in the Copa America

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Coming out of La Guasilla, one of Colombia’s poorest regions, he was thin and almost unable to play because of malnutrition.Get help from a great man, let his gifts be known.Taking Ronaldinho as his idol, he followed in the footsteps of Ronaldo and Falcao to Porto.At last summer’s Copa America, each of his four goals was prettier than the last, especially his three in the knockout stages, making him one of the tournament’s most talent-packed players.He has been a phenomenon at Porto this season, scoring one goal in every five shots.Who says Liverpool owners don’t spend money?From Cornet to diaz, a big purchase in the transfer window has become a new label for the Reds.A. From the poorest: following in the footsteps of his predecessors who chose Porto as one of Colombia’s ethnic minorities, Dias grew up in the poorest region of La Guasilla.A total of 4,770 Wa Yu children died from malnutrition between 2008 and 2016.Dias also had trouble getting into the professional game because he was so thin.It was the discernment of the famous Colombian star Valderrama that made him successful.In the summer of 2019, he moved to Portuguese super Porto for 7 million euros, with his former club retaining 20 percent of his ownership and making a lot of money from his move to Liverpool.At the time, he turned down an offer from the Premier League because he wanted to follow in the footsteps of Cristiano ronaldo and Radamel Falcao and make it to the big five after Portuguese success.Diaz scored 4 goals in the Copa America, all of them spectacular.Especially when he scored a bicycle kick against Brazil in the group stage.In the semi-final against Argentina, dias scored a stunning goal despite losing on penalties.Later in the third place fight, Dias again put on an incredible double goal.It was a World Cup winner and Colombia finished third in the Copa America.02. Tactical value: A winger who can attack on the counter-attack Dias, who turned 25 this month, was born on January 13, 1997.Last summer, the 24-year-old played as Colombia’s left midfielder or winger.With good pace and excellent stopping and handling ability, diaz can move straight forward from the wing in transition as a forward striker.In the Copa America, he averaged 5.2 successful passes per game, with a success rate of 67%, which fully illustrated his personal ability.As well as his stunning goal against Peru, Dias scored his first equaliser in the third-place match.It was when he fielded a long backfield pass and deftly dodged the defender to break Peru for a single.In the Copa America semi-final against Argentina, Dias once again showed his pace advantage by taking advantage of a quick free kick.In a moment, Argentina’s central defender Pesera cut in and out of the way, then scored from a small Angle, which briefly put Colombia level with Messi’s Argentina.B. As a winger, he is also a good player on the outside: good passing quality from the bottom of the net. In that game, in addition to scoring, Dias made 11 of 16 attempts and drew six fouls from Argentine players.Dias was arguably the most impressive player during the copa America knockout stage.It is worth mentioning that diaz, although not known for his passing, is a great threat with his inverted triangle back passes and cross passes after getting to the baseline.It’s clear from the GIF that Diaz is speeding down the line this time after cutting his rib forward and sending a high quality cross to find cuadrado unmarked on the back point.Colombia could have upset Argentina had it not been for the crucial save made by Dines.Diaz’s core competence when attacking with the ball is speed and frequency of foot movements.This time salah could not keep up with him for the same reason and dias almost broke Liverpool’s defence after spiking the ball past his team-mate.Take a look at the scene against Argentina, where diaz’s advantage in his first step made the defenders have to accelerate to catch him, so by the time he was able to swerve and cross again, there was no chance of stopping.Although the first point was cleared, barrios’s shot from the outside almost went in, but the Argentine woodwork saved the team.03. Power is a danger: Can Klopp take him to the next level?A. Core competencies: Dribbling and shooting Statistics show that Dias’ core competencies are shooting, pushing and attacking directly after dribbling.In contrast, he passes the ball less often in advance, in pursuit of a more direct attack from the start.From this counter push can be seen, Dias successive past Williams and Morton, rely on the speed is fast.But his light weight made it difficult to hold his center of gravity against him.He has played much better in South America than in the Champions League, which is obviously more competitive.Even so, his push and attack in counterattacks are still valuable.Dias, on the other hand, is a very good goalscorer, often scoring goals.He scored in both legs of the Champions League against AC Milan and was the main reason the rossoneri finished fourth in their group.This time Dias scored from long range, AC Milan 0-1 hate.The Colombia international can shoot with both feet and is difficult to defend against.B. Weakness of strength: He may be limited when the opponent stands firm. Diaz is weak in strength.Even in his outstanding copa America campaign, Dias conceded 12.2 goals per game.In the Champions League, he concedes an average of 15.8 goals per game (he’s not even considered the team’s playmaker).It was as if matip had stuck firmly in position, depriving Diaz of space on the counter attack as he cut into the box with the ball.Liverpool’s defence did well again, forcing him to run the ball back.Diaz’s foot movement and ball control are good, but he does weaken the longboard because of his power.Take a look at this attack, diaz dribbled the ball into the Liverpool 30 metre area at high speed, then he cut inside to rejoin the flanks, himself running forward into the ribs.But when Cornett caught up, all Diaz could do was keep going to the outside, and he eventually had to return the pass.Conclusion: Diaz’s flaws may have to be addressed by Klopp in training.The club paid a floating price of 40 million +20 million for diaz and naturally have high expectations for his future.The training quality of Klopp is extremely high, and it is a golden moment.The arrival of Dias will give the Red Arrows more competitive pressure, regardless of whether there will be departures, such healthy competition, I believe klopp is also happy to see things.# Luis Dias joins Liverpool ## Liverpool ## EpL #