NBA nomination hornets vs Clippers How much energy the Clippers have left

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2021-22 NBA Season: Charlotte Hornets VS Los Angeles Clippers 02:00, January 31, 2021Time warner center two teams are the clippers on a scene finally, for the heat down the altar of the reversed but the clippers had the game in the fourth quarter also once drew closer, also jumped out of the heat in a cold sweat, though the clippers and losing in the end, but it’s also a bit off the morning face index, so we later to analyze, this game is belong to the pattern of the clippers,But tomorrow’s game against the New Orleans hornets is the clippers’ sixth consecutive road trip, and physical factors have to be considered.The hornets on a scene for lack of the Davis and the James big lead in the first half of the lakers, almost be reversed, after the hornets lead 16 points in the first half, the game once led by as many as 20 points, most suddenly changed, but by the second half suddenly become less unstoppable, breakthrough, cic, even outside the three points,Westbrook scored a season-high 35 points, and the lakers got down to one in the final minutes, prompting Hornets owner Michael Jordan to leave the court.Event analysis the clippers on a scene for the heat lost 7 points, only considering the heat have morning face to 8.5 points, so the game on the index structure of it is not belong to the clippers in the direction of the trial, it face the hornets was the clippers’s seventh straight away, and also played before a group of road back to back, after finished the hornets,Team will immediately fly to Indianapolis to beat the pacers, is a set of back to back, after six straight away, the clippers fitness is must consider the question, the hornets two opponents against indiana, the two take a, apparently now unstable morale of walkers are more likely to win, it face the hornets, the clippers if once fell behind,They can go to more like the first few games, will still be interested in holding power for the next back-to-back walkers, so at this point, I think the clippers must have balance, so the game I’m from the aspects of physical ability and the will to the clippers have so doubt, the current data for the hornets to 5.5 points, based on a heat will only let the clippers on 6.5,So the service of the Hornets let points are not low, overall, I am optimistic about the Hornets can rely on home and physical advantages, the Clippers.