Harden did a good job!Nets 11 straight defeat of the truth out, Durant said too disappointing!

2022-05-16 0 By

The NBA is nearing the end of the regular season, and harden opted to leave the Nets to join the 76ers during the final trade window.Harden choice leads very much basket of tennis fans, there are many online criticisms of the harden not professional, but harden to choose leave nets is not without reason, this team has lost the power of the crown, nor the power of the coronal, harden choose to leave is also helpless, he too wants to the NBA finals champion.The Nets are on an 11-game losing streak, and at this point, a playoff berth is in question.The Nets will be without key player Kyrie Irving on the road because he refused to get vaccinated, and Kevin Durant will not play because of injuries.Durant doesn’t think the Nets have a chance to win a title this season, and he said in an interview that he doesn’t think they will, and that it wouldn’t be a whole new ballgame if Harden didn’t leave.Durant was already frustrated with the Nets, so harden’s departure was the right move.Durant and Irving would love to see the Nets make it to the NBA Finals, but both of them have won championships in the past, so they don’t have that kind of obsession.Harden, on the other hand, is desperate to win, and if he doesn’t do it before he retires, it will be the biggest regret of his career.The Sixers are in better shape than the Nets, but their title chances are up in the air.Harden needs to work with Embiid over the next few games, and his priority is to make sure the team gets to the playoffs, and then there’s a title shot.Time is running out for Harden, hope he can play consistently with the 76ers, and look forward to harden’s great performance in the upcoming games!