“Focus on the TWO sessions” “chain” thinking planning yaozhou high quality industrial system

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A strong industry leads to a strong economy, and a thriving industry leads to a thriving industry.This year, Yaozhou District government work report put forward, “adhere to the chain development, speed up the construction of high quality industry gathering place.”New thinking boosts new development.Based on resources endowment, yao state focus equipment manufacturing, green building materials, digital economy, carbon new material, etc., in leading enterprises, for traction, advancing solid chain, chain, chain, chain operations, make with characteristic of yao state advantage industrial chain, speed up the construction industry cluster development of gathering, let yao state resources city to realize high quality new era, stronger, more sufficient power.Aerial photo of Yaozhou in spring, sunny and full of vitality.In tongchuan Yaobai special cement Co., Ltd. cement production line, the enterprise is at full capacity, full load production, a busy scene in full swing.Green building materials ten thousand tons of wire Zhao Junqiang taken in yao obviously hui tableland YaoBai of green building materials industrial park, jidong two nissan ten thousand tons of cement clinker production line, is in accordance with the international most advanced “second generation cement technology standard”, combine ultra-low emissions and intelligent garden-like factory, for shaanxi tongchuan power carbon reaches the peak, carbon neutral,It has become the technical lead and typical demonstration of cement industry structure optimization and adjustment in western China, and has realized the “green rise” of Yaozhou building materials industry.With jidong and Yaobai two cement clinker production lines with a daily output of 10,000 tons as the core, Yaozhou proposed to carry out the chain extension action of green building materials industry, invest in the construction of Yaobai solid waste disposal, comprehensive utilization of Yangquanshan waste slag and Fushun aggregate production line with an annual output of 3 million tons.The fourth phase of Huateng Nano calcium carbonate, the fourth phase of Jidong abandoned mine resources comprehensive utilization, the annual production line of 25,000 tons of woven bags and the Project of Huiyuan to Chenlu Road with an investment of 590 million yuan and other projects started construction, and the r&d and production base of prefabricated buildings with an investment of 600 million yuan was launched.Further extend the industrial chain and promote the output value of green building materials industry to exceed 5 billion yuan.In addition, to carry out the equipment manufacturing industry chain action.Relying on Dongjiahe Circular Economy Industrial Park, we will promote the deepening of industrial refinement and diversified development of products, and strive for the output value of aluminum and aluminum alloy industry to exceed 10 billion yuan, and the output value of automobile equipment supporting industry to exceed 2 billion yuan.We will launch initiatives to strengthen the digital economy industry chain.To consolidate and strengthen the first-mover advantage of the big data industrial park, strive to exceed 100 large enterprises in the park, and the accumulated volume of big data transaction reaches 45 billion yuan.We will formulate a new round of preferential policies to support the development of digital economy industries, continue to improve service platforms such as technology, finance and human resources, strengthen supporting facilities for entertainment, catering and consumption, and create a development ecosystem that is livable and suitable for work.We will carry out the breeding chain action of the carbon-based new materials industry.Focus on “advanced, sophisticated” projects such as Shouqi thermoplastic composite material and Tiance carbon fiber material processing production line, cultivate and develop carbon-based new materials industrial park, and create an important growth point of new industry and technological innovation.Accelerate the improvement of gas, power, water supply and other basic supporting facilities in the park, continue to increase efforts to attract upstream and downstream enterprises, and gradually establish a whole industrial chain of carbon fiber, composite materials and carbon-based products.Yaozhou District Big Data Industrial Park stone copper steel photography industry leading enterprises “chain construction”, supporting enterprises “chain complement”, promote upstream and downstream enterprises complementary advantages, win-win cooperation.”Chain” development planning of Yaozhou industrial development map, to create industrial development “upgraded version”.(Reporter: Zhao Xin)