Exchange | “Happy Spring Festival” with the power of culture, pave the way for people-to-people connectivity, build a bridge of win-win cooperation

2022-05-16 0 By

In recent years, with the successful overseas “Happy Spring Festival” organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Chinese Spring Festival has become known and loved by more and more countries and people, gradually becoming a worldwide festival.Hi every New Year’s holiday in 2022 Beijing Olympics, “” happy Spring Festival activities in adhering to the” joy, harmony, sharing, dialogue “concept, based on the element into the games, two themes around the” Spring Festival “” ice”, to show the world the beauty of the Chinese Spring Festival culture, art, beauty, the beauty of life, to share with the people of the world to share New Year wishes, cultural feast.We look forward to taking the “Happy Spring Festival” event as an opportunity to promote cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries in the world. We hope that culture can better bridge the road between our people and build a bridge of win-win cooperation, strengthen the emotional bond of building a common system for the future of mankind, and help people around the world overcome difficulties, create a better future and add strength to the future together.The 2022 “Happy Chinese New Year” campaign will launch three sections online: “Classic Culture”, “Charming Ice and Snow” and “Enjoy life”, showcasing masterpieces made by artists from all over the world, colorful Spring Festival folk customs and intangible cultural heritage activities across China, and various Winter Olympic-themed cultural and tourism experience activities.At the same time, Chinese embassies make (get) museum, cultural and tourism abroad and in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan culture and travel agencies will be carried out in the local variety of forms, rich content online brand “happy Spring Festival” activities, such as the United States the Empire State Building in New York will be held in the year of the tiger zodiac window display, will be held in Europe – “happy Spring Festival pujiang art exchange” online performance project of Shanghai international art festival,In Asia, we will hold “Together for the Future” to celebrate the Spring of the Winter Olympics, and in West Asia and North Africa, we will hold a series of activities called “Silk Road New Year”.Blame: Jia Ting Yi