Cristiano Ronaldo has suffered a 6-game drought, the worst in 13 years.After the game was assessed 3 points, united the lowest team

2022-05-16 0 By

Manchester United drew 1-1 at home to Southampton tonight in the Premier League.It was another disappointment for Ronaldo, who missed a single chance and had two goals disallowed, as he failed to score again to extend his scoreless streak to six games, his worst in 13 years.Entering 2022, Ronaldo lost his magic and looked increasingly old on the pitch.Ronaldo had a chance six minutes into the match, but his shot from a tight Angle was cleared from the line after he had run past the goalkeeper.Cristiano Ronaldo had another assist for Pogba just before half-time, but he was ruled out for offside.This game, Ronaldo seemed to be more anxious than in previous games, many times into the opposing side of the trap.United were more edgy in attack after Southampton equalised in the second half.In the 71st minute, Cristiano Ronaldo’s free-kick from the right was disallowed, with five united men offside.After the referee blew the whistle, Ronaldo was very anxious to explain to the referee, which shows his impatience.It was the first time since January 2009 that ronaldo had gone six consecutive games without scoring in a club tournament, a rare low for a striker of his stature.After the match, manman rated the United players with three points, the lowest in the team, saying: “Missed opportunities at 0-0, offside too many times, looked motionless at times.Cavani would have taken Cristiano ronaldo off.Enough direct, do not know will stimulate to C Luo, let him usher in the outbreak.