An old shopping mall in Nanchang, which has been operating for decades, is now being neglected

2022-05-16 0 By

Nanchang an old store, operating time for decades, now there is none to patronize a misty-eyed bazaar is an essential part of a city building, is often go to place a lot of people at dinner, even there are many places of shopping mall has become a local landmark buildings, traffic is very big also, at the mall near the traffic is very convenient, house prices and a rising tide lifts all boats.However, due to the rapid development of e-commerce industry in recent years, the real industry has also suffered a huge impact, one of which is the decline of shopping malls, which also makes many real entrepreneurs feel very headache.Even a number of large shopping malls are facing closure and closure, such as an old mall in Nanchang that has been in operation for decades but is now sadly deserted.I’m sure you’ve all experienced the pleasure of buying things online. Daily necessities can be delivered to your home with your fingers, which makes your life more convenient. Especially during the epidemic, it can greatly reduce the contact and gathering between people.Door-to-door delivery service is becoming more and more common, and many people have busy lives and work, and less time to go shopping, so many featureless shopping malls are not visited.The failed mall in Nanchang is lihua Shopping Center. When it was just built at that time, the mall was also very popular and welcomed a large number of tourists every day. After all, the construction here is very exquisite, covering an area of nearly 50,000 square meters, the environment is very good, and the facilities inside are very complete.This shopping mall has existed for decades and is very important in the hearts of local people. Many old Nanchang people have special feelings for this shopping mall. Its closure is also equivalent to a lonely era.At the time of this store is the most prosperous, its slogan also attracted a lot of people, but later built more and more market, and electricity industry is becoming more and more developed, the store’s business model did not change, still maintain the original characteristics, after couldn’t catch up with the tide of times development, so the traffic was also less and less.Local people are choosing to go to the new mall, so the mall’s sales are falling.Many businesses in the mall closed, and the mall fell into disuse.Before closing the store, the mall also told its members to spend all the money in their membership cards in a timely manner.Many people feel it is a pity for its closure, after all, the mall has a very important place in the hearts of local people.However, feelings cannot last forever. If shopping malls do not seek transformation and maintain their original business model, they will eventually be eliminated by the tide of The Times and face the situation of bankruptcy.Do not know what does everybody have different view to the closure of this local market?