“Spring Walking grassroots” street lamps illuminate the village and the hearts of villagers

2022-05-15 0 By

Dajiang net/Pingxiang headlines client reporter Li Xiaotao reported: before the street lamp, children rarely come out to play, now, the street light, adults and children sit after dinner, have to go out of the house, walk, chat, dance, play…Tanhua village, Penggao Town, Pingxiang City, is a relatively large administrative village in Penggao town, facing the problem of many and scattered village groups. Every night, the road leading to the villagers’ homes is dark, and the villagers are very inconvenient to travel.In 2021, the “two committees” of Tanhua Village will install street lamps as a practical activity of “I do practical things for the masses”. Street lamps are not only installed in squares and streets, but also installed in villagers’ groups.When night falls, yizhanzhan street lamps light up in each group road, square side, lighting up the village, but also lit up the hearts of the villagers.