Sixers: Nash revealed simmons’ injury, and Emery said Harden will reject options

2022-05-15 0 By

After months of drama and controversy, the saga between Ben Simmons and the 76ers came to a close just before the trade deadline.In the deal, the 76ers landed a superstar in James Harden, but the feud with Ben Simmons isn’t over yet.”It’s not just about the whole thing, it’s about Brooklyn history,” Joel Embiid said of a potential “comeback fight” for Ben Simmons.Obviously, we got James Harden, but Philly fans are incredible, whether it’s booing or cheering, it’s going to be crazy.It’s a regular season game, but there’s definitely something extra that I’ll be ready for, and I’m sure my teammates will be ready for, too.”The 76ers’ trade with the Nets will certainly affect the season, especially for the Sixers, who will have a better championship shot if they acquire Harden.On the other hand, even if the 76ers were to push through a trade involving James Harden, the issue of harden’s contract is something the 76ers have clearly considered.According to ESPN’s Zach Rowe, Harden could turn down the player option this offseason and let the 76ers free up more cap space: “That’s the plot, he’ll turn down his player option and re-sign for less money so Philly can release Tobias Harris, which will free up more cap space.”That might mean the Sixers could build a big three in the offseason, but that’s not clear.Finally need to talk about is that nets coach Steve Nash about 76 players before Ben simmons, simmons Nash said haven’t play training, so it is difficult to return might be when on simmons: “he is still in the evaluation and preparation work, I don’t know if they progress to what degree, even if he returned to the stadium, we will continue the assessment process.”For now, neither Simmons nor Harden has played for their respective teams.