Russian side shows evidence: pose!

2022-05-15 0 By

According to Sputnik news agency, Russia’s AMBASSADOR to the United Nations, Nebienja, at a press conference held at THE UN headquarters in New York, showed evidence that the bucha incident was staged, including a video in which the mayor of Bucha did not mention “the dead”.The Russian Permanent Representative to the UN presented relevant evidence that the Bucha incident was staged.The Russian Defense Minister announced the withdrawal of Russian armed forces from Bucha and other areas on March 30, which was confirmed by the mayor of Bucha anatoly Fedoruk in a video released on March 31. He regarded it as a victory for The Ukrainian army, Nebinja said.”It is remarkable that the mayor did not mention any mass atrocities, dead bodies, murders or anything like that.”Mr Nebianja said it was inconceivable that the mayor of Bucha had forgotten to mention such a devastating scene.Nebianja also showed video taken by the Ukrainian National Guard in Bucha on April 2, showing no dead on the streets.Nebienja stressed that the video of Boucha lying dead in the street was released on April 3 and is “full of flaws and blatant lies”.