On February 16, the KMT openly proposed the “two Kingdoms Theory”;The US is indirectly helping China get revenge

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In the past two years, the situation on both sides of the Taiwan Straits is very unstable, and the “Taiwan independence” forces are increasingly rampant. The reasons for this are not only the rebellious DPP, but also the United States and other Western countries, which are also directly related to another group of black sheep in the island.In a recent article, the Chinese mainland’s official Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) said that Taiwan must fight against both “Ming” and “dark” independence forces in the region to promote reunification, media reported Thursday.It is easy to understand that the former is the “Taiwan independence” elements represented by Tsai Ing-wen, while the latter is a few die-hards within the KMT, who often collude with the DPP and pose a great threat to peace across the Taiwan Strait.So who are the “dark independents”?In the article, the newspaper directly named Mr. Lin and Mr. Chen.People on the mainland may not know them very well. In fact, both of them are “representatives of public opinion” of the Kuomintang, and they have great prestige and status in the island. Therefore, after being named and criticized, the two immediately became angry and upset.Lin weizhou, in particular, said that the situation of Mainland military aircraft “disturbing Taiwan” was becoming more and more serious, and that we were “responsible” for the cross-strait tensions. He even called “the Republic of China a sovereign and independent country”, and if he was “secretly independent”, then all Taiwan was “Taiwan independence”.In addition, the KMT chairman Eric Chu also jumped out to speak, said the mainland media rhetoric, the content of the article cannot agree with, he stressed that his position is to defend the “Republic of China”.However, as far as we know, the Republic of China collapsed as early as 1949, so their remarks are tantamount to “two States theory”.In fact, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) is right that there are indeed “dark independence” elements in the island, and their forces are extremely large, and they are not just Lin Weizhou and Chen Yixin.In their eyes, as long as they do not support “statehood” in the name of Taiwan, it is not “Taiwan independence”.But in fact, these guys, on the surface, say they do not oppose the mainland, but in their heart, they hope that the two sides will always maintain the status quo and never reunify. What is this if not “dark independence”?To be frank, the Taiwan issue cannot and cannot be dragged on any longer. The Mainland has promised not to leave the issue to the next generation, so not supporting reunification means “Taiwan independence”. The criticism of Lin Weizhou and others is not justified at all.It is worth mentioning that there was also a recent outrageous incident related to the Taiwan authorities. According to media reports on The 16th, the former President of Honduras Javier Hernandez was arrested at his home in the capital one day after the United States charged him with three crimes related to drug trafficking and formally requested his arrest and extradition.Hundreds of police and military personnel were deployed to prevent his escape, and Mr. Hernandez was photographed outside his home wearing body armor and chains on his hands and feet as he was escorted by the task force to the national police headquarters.The US embassy says he shipped up to half a million kilograms of cocaine to the US over a decade starting in 2004, which is punishable under US law.Oddly, However, Hernandez’s relationship with Washington is not bad. If he had not obeyed the US request, Honduras would have cut off diplomatic relations with The Taiwan authorities and then established diplomatic relations with the Mainland, and he recently visited Taiwan as president, seriously provoking our bottom line.I don’t know why the U.S. broke up with Hernandez, but biden’s move indirectly helped us eliminate an “enemy,” which is really a blessing.In addition, this incident also tells us two things. First, the nature of the US’s barbarism and hegemonism has never changed. If China had not become stronger, there is no doubt how it would deal with us.Second, Washington’s a tough guy to play for, and he’s not going to be a good guy if he falls out.