Liaocheng rural hometown happened real people

2022-05-15 0 By

Liaocheng rural hometown in Liaocheng, Shandong province, most of the rural areas are based on wheat, corn.So there are merchants who harvest corn and wheat.Generally, the people who harvest corn and wheat are people from the surrounding villages, and they are reluctant to sell to people far away for fear of being cheated.There is a man who collects grain for many years in the neighboring village. Not long ago, he collects grain from a family in the neighboring village. This happened:Because it is everybody of neighboring village is at ease with each other, after loading grain buyer drives directly to weigh, seller also won’t follow, who thinks of buyer to operate loadometer with remote control when loadometer, the result presses minus into plus number, the loadometer reality number pat to the seller, whole much 7 thousand catty!Wait for the buyer to react, go to the seller for money.Will the seller give it to you?Buyers this is fraud ah!The buyer kneels down and apologizes to the seller.My elder brother’s home, as well as the surrounding neighbors sold to this person, now think of feeling every mu grain average is very little, this year’s corn itself is artificial, but also by such a person with remote control operation weighometer weight reduction.Everyone said that such a buyer should not report!