Hot line holidays | Yun Dang lake ecological regulation sustained beautiful first phase “funny”

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Lake Yundang was under removal by boat yesterday.Lake Yundang is a huge urban living room in Xiamen.In order to further improve Yun Dang lake water quality, provide citizens with better ecological leisure environment, during the Spring Festival this year, xiamen municipal construction group development company, CCCC Shanghai airlines bureau construction Yun Dang lake ecological regulation, the first phase of ascension is not shutdown hundreds of engineers at the site, put on more steam rolled up his sleeves, to advance towards the goal task completed within this year.Reporters in Yundang Lake to see, dredging boat is tense operation.Lin Weiqing, a Yundang lake manager, said the lake was under construction in a Huge urban area under environmental protection techniques such as pneumatic pumps and boats.The pump head of the dredging ship can be five or six meters deep underwater, and the principle of vacuum negative pressure inhalation can suck out the silt at the bottom of the lake.The process is similar to vacuuming, with less disturbance and noise to the bottom of the lake.Three y Undang Lake boats were oiled simultaneously.The silt sucked up by dredging vessels is fed through pressure pipes to a thickening station near the West Dyke.In the enrichment station, the reporter saw that workers are operating machinery in the enrichment workshop, to shake the silt, concentration and a series of processing.”Just sucked up the silt mixed with a lot of water, after concentration, moisture content decreased, become ‘thick’ up, easy to transport.””Said the engineer.The sludge after concentration treatment is transported to the dehydration station in Haicang for dehydration treatment by sea and land transportation, and finally sent to the digestion yard for terminal treatment.Under A Huge Character Character Lake Y Undang, the project is a three-step scenario: removing 1 million cubic meters of sediment in a Huge Character Lake in nearly 15 years.Secondly, some revetment restoration and reinforcement projects to eliminate potential safety hazards have been basically completed;The third is the nearshore lake bottom ecological restoration project, the nearshore 10 meters range of engineering bacteria, algae.Under Y Undang, the project would significantly reduce the endogenous pollution in Y Undang lake, improve the capacity of flood control and regulation, and improve the water quality in Y Undang Lake by releasing algae.Yun Dang ascend a phase of the project manager Lin Weiqing lake ecological regulation: intensify love let co-workers feel different festival atmosphere we plan as a whole do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and the safety in production of various projects department to strengthen the dynamic monitoring of all the workers health, guarantee adequate epidemic prevention material reserves and distribution;Strengthen care and care, to the work and life of workers sympathy, sent meat, cooking oil and other daily supplies and drinks and snacks, launched a series of activities such as New Year’s Eve dinner, cloud New Year’s greetings, hair bags, so that workers staying in Xiamen feel a different taste of the New Year, a warm festival.Y Undang Lake Ecological Improvement project worker Zhu Xiuwei: Experiencing strong warmth adding motivation to struggle, whether the government subsidies, or enterprises to our life care and sympathy, all make us feel strong warmth, adding motivation to struggle and forge ahead.During the Spring Festival, xiamen buses are free to ride and scenic spots are open for free, which makes our life more fulfilling.In Xiamen New Year, we had a very at ease, comfortable, where peace of mind is home.Xiamen Daily reporter Wu Haikui correspondent Hong Yangyang