Four “lead reciter” are very good, why only Feng Lin is popular?Yang LAN explained the mystery

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Guide language Feng Lin in 2021 success, because in a recitation, direct fire out of the circle, she not only has ultra high appearance level, and even strength is also visible to all.At that time, there were four of them, and they were chosen by thousands of people for their excellent abilities.But why is it that feng Lin was the only one who became popular in the end?It is to let a person doubt really, to this matter, Yang LAN then speak out.Four “lead reciter” are very good, why only Feng Lin is popular?Feng Lin was born in jiaxing, Zhejiang province in 1999. She has excelled both in character and learning since she was a child. She was successfully admitted to Communication University of China in the national college entrance examination.Feng Lin itself is a very good students with excellent results, but this is not enough, her appearance level is surprised for heaven, a pair of big eyes, with “Oriental beauty” classical lasting appeal.After she was selected to be a reciter, she went through three months of training in seclusion to better display herself. Only by strictly controlling her words and deeds, could she be so brilliant during the reciting.And even Yang LAN has praised Feng Lin, praise her name, can get Yang LAN’s affirmation, Feng Lin must be very strong in talent.But can we say that in addition to Feng Lin, the three leaders are not excellent?Of course not.The fact that some of the other leaders, some as young as elementary school, can stand on such a solemn occasion without flinching speaks to their strength and confidence in their future.Feng Lin participated in various activities during her university life. In 2022, the number of people in the postgraduate entrance examination was once as high as 4.57 million. However, Feng Lin succeeded in becoming a postgraduate through the postgraduate program of Fudan University, which proves her excellent academic performance and strong ability.Soon approaching the Spring Festival, which is the most anticipated day of the year, the Spring Festival Gala is in full swing in the rehearsal, Feng Lin successfully appeared in dragon TV Spring Festival Gala rehearsal scene, let us see the excellent Feng Lin again.Suddenly Feng Lin ability, and other stars is not lost, although Feng Lin or attend the party as a student, but now Feng Lin has very rich experience in hosting, plus has entered the station internship, her ability is very strong, coupled with the level of outstanding appearance, not too much to say she has not lost to star.Feng Lin has today’s results, and her efforts are completely inseparable, Feng Lin has always been very clear goals, and actively participate in a variety of activities in the university, can achieve today’s good grades, Feng Lin success is certainly not accidental, it is inseparable from her efforts every day.For students, the happiest and most beautiful time is in college. The life in college is colorful and full of activities, all of which can help you improve your grades.But today’s college students don’t seem to care about these things. “Buddha post-2000s” just play games or watch TV dramas in the dormitory every day and don’t bother about campus activities. Although life will be calm and free from hardships, they will get bitter fruits after graduation.College is the best stage to exercise your ability, you can sign up for more activities during this period, choose the clubs you are interested in, in this process, you can improve your social skills, organizational skills, will be very beneficial to your future employment.Many successful people, are slowly from the bottom of the accumulation of experience, no one can expect success, only by constantly honed their, and get on well with people around you, to make your college life more colorful, so college must attach importance to social activities, attaches great importance to the man-machine relationship, of the university of contacts for future employment is helpful to you.The last thing I want to say is: maybe having a high appearance level is beneficial for you in the future, but appearance level is not justice. If you are not a youth industry, you will only be eliminated one day when your appearance is no longer. Therefore, the most important thing for students is to improve their ability.Your social ability, organization ability, ability to learn can be improve competitive advantage for you, just like Feng Lin, even without the blessing of her appearance, but if has a good ability, so she also can stage a precent, still can be a household name, appearance is just what she icing on the cake.I hope that after entering the university, college students can still stay true to their original aspiration, have a good habit of self-discipline, and stay true to their original aspiration, which is the best way for them.Why do you think Feng Lin has become so popular?