UZI beat Rookie!LPL “S12 generation chart” fire, see 4 emperor generation: true

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Preface: Along with the league of Legends LPL spring competition is hot, everyone for many team results are also different, of course, this result also corresponds to the performance of some players.As a professional league for a long time, the birth of some famous players on the field for many years, also have their own individual title, there is a net friend specific the LPL now some well-known players, had a row of information theory, it has a “speed 12 degress figure” a, also attracted a lot of netizen, heat up in the network,Especially the four emperor generation players, many netizens can not help but sigh: real.01 speed 12 degress figure, UZI became the only “god words such as” the ranking is not based on the strength of each player, but their professional experience and the influence, so as the hugely popular famous player UZI, after previously has been dubbed the “god”, this time the man outplayed other degress of nature is,It’s the only one of its kind.Even the Rookie, who has won the S-tournament and is very good at S12, is ranked second only to the word “god”.There are also Doinb Kim Ah-sung, who went to LNG, The shy Kang Moo-sung, who left IG, and EDG s junior son Hak-seong.It can be seen that they are the core of their team because they have played well for many seasons, which is why they have reached this stage in terms of strength and hierarchy.However, it is the “emperor generation” that attracts the most praise from netizens, because each of them is a man with numerous “memes”.03 tiger become comedy people, the new single stone hammer such as as “father emperor” existence of Ming Kai, as EDG’s elder figures, the strength and results of the factory director is beyond doubt, and behind a few relay players inherited the factory director’s legacy, was ridiculed as prince, the factory director’s “father emperor” status is more stable.However, “Emperor generation” in LPL is not really a commencial title, it is more of a joke of netizens, such as “Sea Emperor” hwanfeng named because of the S-game crisis, “MING” named after the previous S10 poor condition, and because of the transfer crisis named “ice Emperor” Shui, etc.As for the tiger that many people are concerned about, where does it stand in LPL’s current generation chart?Tiger this positioning is “comedy” stone hammers, because he is the last season to turn on the behavior of the single, caused by netizens in the new generation of single degress, according to the career, tiger is indeed a single new, also live up to “a new generation of single talent” on the title, and the tiger and the new season with the reproductive performance of the few ALe, S five gongs kill Bin,As a rookie operation very bright pheasant brother.04 personal analysis summary this time the patriarchal figure for many people, is a in order to “row of endowment theory generation” parody, many of the degress and cannot represent their strength or evaluation, simply because they are in speed 12 or previous problems, lead to get the corresponding title, it just had this a generational summary.However, this picture also clearly introduces the nicknames of some contestants and their comments among netizens.What do you think of this “generation chart”?Did it meet your expectations?