Rural “false year wind”, relatives do not walk, wine table is very cold, the sixth day to return to the city, what situation?

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Every New Year fat three catties, now one to the end of the year, people are still in a hurry to go home, bags and bags of goods are also a lot of, but this year is always missing something unclear.People say that now the Spring Festival is getting less and less flavor, New Year’s Eve, without the excitement of waiting for Zhao Benshan’s sketch, without the amazing performance of juggling, what does the year mean to us?Review this year’s week-long small holiday, a look at the countryside now in this “pseudo-year wind” is how to blow up.As the biggest traditional Festival of the Chinese people throughout the year, the Spring Festival is the festival we look forward to most of the year, people said that the Laba is the year, the Laba garlic bubble, the days began to count.Even now, we still look forward to the Spring Festival, and not only because most people are too busy to meet each other.Because Chinese New Year is usually the only time when people really “don’t rush” to sit down and talk about things in their lives.Nowadays, people all over the country are talking about the flavor of The New Year. The old people can always remember the bitter and sweet things, and the young people born in the 1990s even miss the “childhood” years.Why is everyone reminiscing about childhood?At that time, China had not yet developed to the present level, every family in order to celebrate the New Year, “energy” together, in order to have a good year, door to door always have a thorough understanding.Especially parents, home and outside the management, although life is not rich, but the children in a fight, but also happy at ease.However, once children always grow up, the pace of each place is accelerating, a lot of people go out to work, the Chinese New Year can not go back home is many, the dinner table used to fight for a piece of meat you grab the day no longer exists.The connection between people seems to be slowly disappearing.Chinese New Year eventually turned into a red lantern without a light bulb, red but not hot.We are still as usual affixed to the atmosphere of the Spring Festival couplets, but the towns are quiet, as if still in the state of daily life, yes, the atmosphere of the New Year disappeared.With the implementation of policies in recent years, the use of firecrackers has been banned in the countryside, and even on New Year’s Eve, the surroundings are quiet.No firecrackers, no movement, the New Year is less atmosphere.In addition, the rural residents because of the improvement of family conditions, have also moved to the city to live, the children are arranged to go to school in the city, the laughter of the streets and lanes in the past disappeared, full of muddy hands covered with red “nuisance” can not find.As if the entire village is only the old people, watching the tech-filled Spring Festival Gala, lamenting that the fun of the gala is no longer.In addition, people around the purpose of returning home is no longer to accompany their parents, they are keen to gather heads and play mahjong.Three or five good friends only in these days have spare time to gather together in a piece, of course, will not pass this opportunity.As a result, most of the time is spent in playing cards, noisy to the sky, cold squatting at home, “serious” Spring Festival should do things but left behind.At that time, parents’ entertainment activities are already less, coupled with the age gap, technological development and new products, the topic between the elderly and children is less and less.The old and the new appeared obvious stratification, like water and oil separation of second-rate products, each other’s interference.In fact, the older generation can’t control it either, because of the general change in people’s overall consciousness, such stratification has become inevitable.Most of the elderly are reluctant to interfere in the lives of young people, busy with work for a year, only the Chinese New Year this week is a rare time to relax, parents of course do not want to require their children only accompany them.The happy time is short, with the Chinese New Year only having seven days off according to the official holiday schedule, making it difficult for young people to choose between them.After a year of wandering, people want to see their old friends more and more, but the time is not well allocated.Visit in person and now the relationship between people has become weak many, the contact between relatives is not as frequent as before, many distant relatives often do not contact the relationship has become weak many, which leads to now a lot of people do not go to relatives more and more popular.Relatives walk less, the wine table naturally also less a lot of people, usually poor people mostly take the train home.Nowadays almost every family has a car, but drunk driving is not desirable, so people will not talk about heroes at the wine table.On the wine table less drink, people’s words imperceptibly also a lot less.With the development of economy, people pay less attention to celebrating the New Year, wearing new clothes and lucky money.At the same time, the quality of people’s life is improving, but a lot of traditional festival customs are ignored.Many traditional customs can only be known from the older generation, while the younger generation pays more attention to the quality of daily life.The more the year passes, the more people yearn for the taste of the year.How to find this New Year flavor, this is not a small problem.For many reasons, when people’s consciousness, economy and objective conditions are not allowed, they must have a plan and rhythm to find the original flavor of the New Year back through joint efforts.Desire control within a reasonable range is enough to become the power to seek hope, people used to have a good place for the New Year has been realized with the change of the quality of life, so during the New Year people’s material place more to the spiritual entertainment.With exhaustion, can be fun is also one of the ways people desire to decompress.Although people’s desire to celebrate the New Year is diminishing, their desire for a better life has not changed.The home itself is the harbor of the heart, the rest is not so important.Can let the family live a good life, family harmony, family harmony is the most important, the Flavor of the New Year may be faded, but the human touch must always be in.Conclusion No matter how weak the flavor of the New Year becomes, we still remember the initial expectation for home and the future.Everything starts from home, the future is home, the fallen leaves return to the root is also home, the expectation of home is our only constant loyalty.Family reunion no longer past, lights as usual.I hope you have a family reunion as soon as possible, wandering people as soon as possible to find their own spiritual home.This year is destined to be cold, but as long as there is someone at home, there will be someone waiting for you on the way home, that expectation, the torch will never be extinguished.In today’s era of rapid replacement of old and new, I hope we can boldly pick up excellent traditional culture and pass on this link between people.Let our next generation also from our mouth sigh time is fleeting, cherish the time.