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The Year of the Tiger has arrived.According to the Chinese custom, we should speak auspicious words at the beginning of the New Year. Therefore, this issue of “Xu Zhi Notebooks” will talk about those “good tigers” who are smart and honest in ancient notes, such as helping others with pleasure, knowing righteousness and repaying kindness, punishing evil and promoting good deeds.Many people think that the tiger, as a fierce beast, must be an absolute negative image in ancient times, but in fact it is not true.It is true that people are afraid of tigers, but we should not forget that although tigers do harm to animals and eat people, they mostly harm in the mountains and countryside, and rarely harass city residents, so that they have a unique image in the civic culture, that is, masculinity, integrity and courage.For example, the old boys are often called “tiger” to protect its health, the Dragon Boat Festival children will wear tiger hat to ward off evil, and even in the main hall of the home hanging a wood printing version of fu Hu figure to town house.During the reign of Emperor Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty, an engraving in Yangliuqing of Hebei province shows that there are four objects in a ray of light on a tiger, namely “bottle, saddle, halby and qing”, implying “Peace and auspicious Celebration”. There are three swords inserted into the ground to suppress the ghosts underground, which is the centralized reflection of the above ideas.In ancient notes, positive images of tigers are sometimes shown, even if they are “interwoven” with negative images.For example, in the Book of The Later Han, tong Hui, a county magistrate of the Eastern Han Dynasty, ruled: “The people were attacked by tigers, but they set traps for them, and two tigers were born.Hearing this, he cursed the tiger and said, ‘All things in nature are valued only by man.Tigers and wolves should feed on animals, but they are cruel to men.Murder wounds, wounding wounds.If you are a murderer, bow your head and plead guilty;He who knows what is wrong should call it wrong.'” After listening to Tong Hui’s words, a tiger lowered its head and closed its eyes.The other tiger, looking at Tong Hui, roared enthusiastically and was immediately released.In this story, although the tiger did harm to people, but can be regarded as brave and aboveboard.There are two popular stories in search of gods written by Gan Bao of the Jin Dynasty.One of the stories is about a luling woman Named Su Yi, who was good at delivering babies. One night, she was abducted by a tiger. After traveling six or seven miles, she came to a large tomb, where she saw a tigress in difficult labor, “crawling to death and looking up to her.”Su Yi quickly delivered it, “is to discover it, there are three children.”After that, the tiger carried Su yi home and several times put the game on her doorstep.The second said that there was a man named Hengnong in Dongping. His biological parents died one after another when he was young, leaving only a stepmother to take care of him. He was extremely filial.He dreamed that a tiger kept biting his feet. He woke up and dragged his wife to the courtyard. At that moment, the house suddenly collapsed, “killing more than 30 people, except the farmer and his wife.”In these two notes, apart from the tiger returning the favor, we can also see the cultural projection of the Jin Dynasty advocating governing the country with filial piety.In later notes, the tiger also often appears as the image of the defender of filial piety, such as chengxiang recorded in the History of the Song Dynasty.During the chunhua years of the Northern Song Dynasty, Li Shun’s rebel army attacked the county, and Cheng xiang’s parents died of terror. Cheng Xiang retired at the side of the tomb, “sifting soil on the grave with his clothes and sleeves, with three buckets a day”.Every time he cried because he missed his parents, everyone felt sad.Later, a tiger and a leopard lay around the elephant, as fearless, and the tiger and leopard did not harm him, but to protect his safety.After this, chengxiang filial son’s name is known far and wide.Among these notes, the most legendary is the story of “monk tiger” in Gu Leftover notes of qing Dynasty.Gu Left There was a man named Song Jiyi in Kuaiji, “poor and little orphan (referring to the death of his father), living in the mountains cast by the sun”, who made a living by cutting wood.He is very filial to his mother, every morning to prepare breakfast for her mother, and wait on her to eat, before the burden into the mountain firewood.One day a friend came to visit him, and Song 21 invited him to breakfast with him. It was already noon when he sent him away to chop wood.On their way to the mountain, an old monk sat down by the roadside and said to Song 21, “I have been waiting for you for a long time.Your stomach is full, but I’m hungry!”Song 21-1 said inexplicably: “I have never met you, why do you say this?”The old monk said, “I am very tired. I want you to be my crutch.”Then he jumped directly onto song 21-1’s back.Song 21, who always respected the old man, had to carry him on his back. The more he walked, the heavier he felt. “You look so pale and thin.The old monk laughed and said, “You always carry a heavy burden. Do you care about the weight?”Just then, a bamboo cutter in the mountains saw them from a distance on a high hill and shouted, “Song 21, why are you carrying a tiger on your back?”Then he came down with a machete.The old monk turned into a colorful tiger and “jumped from his back and ran across the stream.” Song 21 was so scared that he fell down. The bamboo cutters came and saw him, “There are five spots of loess on his left shoulder of his jacket.From then on song 21 1 moved to the city with his mother and started a small business. people said that because of his filial piety, even the tiger could not bear to hurt him.In addition to maintaining filial piety, the tiger King is also quite good at punishing evil and promoting goodness.Ming Dynasty notes “Xu Er Tan” contains a matter: “Xu er Tan” there is a white horse temple monk do evil, once he saw the officer Zhang Wu’s wife grow beautiful, while Zhang Wu drunk home, halfway attack killed it.Zhang Wu’s wife got an evil message, caressed the corpse and cried bitterly. Her mother repeatedly urged her to eat water and rice.When her husband was buried, she lived in the cemetery with only her brother and a maid.That night, her brother went back home, and the monk who had been waiting for him broke into Zhang Wu’s wife’s hut, and tried to do something wrong. Zhang Wu scolded him, and the monk became angry and “cut off his head with a blade”!When she is awakened, she will run away and be caught by the monks. She will also commit adultery. She, too, is a fierce woman and will die rather than obey, and she is killed by the monks.The monk then buried the two bodies in a nearby grave and hastily buried them.When zhang Wu’s brother came back, he could not find his sister and maid. From then on, this became a mystery.Soon, the monk went out through the cemetery, was killed by a tiger, people around to check, the tiger crouched on the ground, kept digging the earth with tiger claws, “howl unceasingly”, long before leaving.Curiously, the people dug up the ground and found the bodies of Zhang Wu’s wife and maidservant. Only then did they understand the truth of the matter and buried them again.Zhu Zhishan, a famous literati in The Ming Dynasty, wrote a story called “The Legend of the Righteous Tiger”. It tells that there were two people in Jingxi who grew up together. Later, one was rich and the other was poor.The poor one had no other skills but a smattering of handwriting and arithmetic, but he had a very beautiful wife.The rich man wanted to take his wife away from him, so he lied to the poor man and said, “There is a rich man living in the mountains who needs an accountant. May I recommend you to go there?”The poor man was overjoyed and gave thanks.The rich man hired a boat to take the poor man and his wife into the mountain.The boat just landed, the rich man said, I also didn’t say hello to that rich man, with your family to come to the door, is not some abrupt, so, let your wife stay on the boat, I take you first, and so on the other party agreed to hire you, then take your wife together.The poor man agreed.They went up the mountain together. The rich man deliberately took him up the treacherous mountain road. After walking down the road, his feet were broken and his ankles were covered with blood.At a dangerous place, the rich man suddenly kicked him to the ground and struck him several times with his sickle. The poor man immediately fainted.The rich man thought he was dead, so he went down to the mountain and found his wife. Crying, he said, “A tiger ate your husband on the way.”The wife wept bitterly. The rich man said, “If you don’t believe me, come with me and look at his mutilated body.”His wife went with him, and the rich man “wandered away into the woods of the treacherous stream to the very solitude where he clung to and begged for sex.”At that moment, suddenly a colorful tiger came out of the forest, roared forward, and killed the rich man with one bite. Then it went away.The wife thought, it seems that the husband was really eaten by a tiger, had to go down the mountain, but did not remember the way to come, lost in the forest.Is helpless, there is an old man walked over, listened to her cry, said I take you down the mountain.The wife went down with him, but her husband came down covered with blood. The couple held their heads and wept bitterly. They finally realized that although they had been killed by a rich man, they had been saved by a tiger.Among all kinds of “righteous tigers” described in ancient notes, the most touching should be “Righteous Tigers” written by the famous essayist 王猷定 in the late Ming Dynasty.”Yihu Ji” was included in the new Records of the Beginning of Yu compiled by Zhang Chao of the Qing Dynasty. During the jiaqing period, there were many tigers in Gaotangshan and Guqishan outside Xiaoyi County, Shanxi Province.A woodcutter, on his way up the mountain, fell into a tiger den. There he saw two little tigers.The woodcutter observed the cave, “three sides of the stone teeth are clean, the front wall is a little flat, high zhang xu.” He tried many times, but could not climb out, so he hesitated around the wall, crying and waiting for death.After the sun went down, the tiger came back with a deer in his mouth and fed it to his two cubs. Suddenly he found a stranger in the cave.After a while, seeing the woodcutter close his eyes and wait for death, the tiger stopped and gave him the rest of the venison to eat. Then he hugged the stuffed little tigers and went to sleep.The woodcutter thought that maybe the big tiger had the deer to eat and was not hungry, so tomorrow it would be his turn to be “food”. But the next day the tiger jumped out and brought a deer to him as he had done the day before, ate it with the cubs, and distributed the rest to the woodcutter…This went on for several months, and everyone got along without incident.The little tigers grew up, and one day the big tiger carried them out of the den.When the woodcutter saw this, he shouted, “Your Majesty, help me!”In a moment, the tiger came back, took the woodcutter on his back, and went out of the cave.The woodcutter bowed to the tiger and said, “Thank your Majesty for saving me. But if you go away, I’m afraid that other wild animals in the mountain will still harm me. I wonder if you could lead me down the mountain.The tiger nodded and led him down the mountain.The woodcutter said with tears in his eyes, “When I get home, I will buy a pig and present it to you at the post booth outside Xiguan on a certain day. I will never break my promise!”The tiger listened and went away.When the woodcutter came home, his family were overjoyed, and when he told them his story, they were all moved to tears.On the promised day, the woodcutter had the pig ready, but because the slaughter delayed a little time, did not arrive at the post box on schedule, so the tiger swaggered into the city.The whole city was in uproar, and hunters closed the gates. “They finished shooting handspikes and captured the governor alive.”When the woodcutter heard this, he rushed to tell everyone that the tiger had saved my life and should not be hurt. But the tiger had already fallen into a trap and was put in a cage and taken to the county government.The woodcutter went to the county government to beat the drum and shout.The magistrate angrily asked him the reason, he put himself saved by the tiger told the story again, the magistrate does not believe.The woodcutter said I would prove it myself!The county magistrate agreed and took him to the cage. When the woodcutter saw the tiger, he held it across the cage and cried bitterly. Then he said, “Did you save me?”The tiger nodded, and the woodcutter said, “Did you go to town because I didn’t get there in time when I made an appointment with you?”The tiger nodded again, and the woodcutter said, “I’m going to beg for mercy from the magistrate. If he refuses to forgive you, I’m willing to die with you.”At this time the crowd of thousands of people were moved to tears, the county magistrate quickly let people released the tiger.The woodcutter took it all the way to the post house in Xiguan and gave it the pork. The tiger picked up the pork and went away wagging its tail.This story is also recorded in notes such as Chi Bei Ou Tan, which can be seen spreading widely.王猷定 said: “the world often to kill things attributed to the beast, hear the tiger said, its also know the kui zai!”Originally at that time, people already knew that the worst evil in the world can not all belong to the beast, and the best good in the world may not be done by the same kind.In this sense, it was heartwarming to see the back of the King wagging his tail.(This article is from For more original news, please download APP.)