James Harden announces big decision!Simmons leaves Philly, Schroder joins rockets, pozen leaves

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The NBA trade window has officially closed this season, and unlike the much-hyped Lakers and Knicks, who ended up with nothing, the league-leading SUNS have quietly made two deals.According to ESPN, the SUNS acquired Craig from the Pacers for Jaylen Smith plus one second-round pick, and then acquired Wizards guard Aaron Holiday for part of the cash.The SUNS ‘backcourt depth has been bolstered by the two deals, and unsurprisingly, the 36-year-old Paul will get plenty of rest for the rest of the regular season.In addition to the above trade updates on the SUNS, the NBA also reported multiple news overnight: Harden announced an important decision!Simmons leaves Philly, Schroder joins rockets, pozen leaves.Harden has averaged 22.5 points, 8.1 rebounds and 10.2 assists in 44 starts for the Nets so far this regular season, shooting 41.4 percent from the field and 33.2 percent from 3-point range.On a statistical level alone, Harden’s game has slipped, especially on the offensive end, where he can’t score as efficiently as he used to, and where his signature step-back three-point move has become less common.What’s more, according to several sports experts, the early return to the playoffs last year has taken a toll on Harden’s career, making it difficult for the NBA’s top guard to return to his best form.According to previous reports, Harden could opt out of his contract to become a free agent this summer, but a hamstring injury prevented him from winning a $270 million supermax deal given his unique circumstances.Harden made an important announcement earlier today: He will exercise his $47.36 million player option for next season.It’s worth noting that harden’s decision doesn’t mean he’s going to stay in the Nets for the long haul. It’s just that he’s rationally playing it safe.The sixers went back to the Nets and expressed their desire to make a deal. After a few rounds of bargaining, the two sides finally reached an agreement on the amount of money simmons needed to leave the place where his career dream began, according to a TA reporter.According to Shams Charania’s follow-up, the Nets agreed to send Harden and Millsap to Philadelphia for simmons, Steph Curry, Draymond, two first-round picks, and more.In addition, according to agent Rich Paul, Simmons has advanced into his next role, nets star Kevin Durant and general manager Mark marquez welcomed him, conservative estimates will be before the end of the month, Simmons in the NBA tennis suit.Next up, the rockets traded Theis for Schroder and 2019 second-round pick Fernando, also from ESPN.Reporters with the team for the 1 in 2 trading has carried on the detailed analysis, multiple factors showed that schroeder is not included in the rocket plans for the future, you know, Mr Schroder is in the midst of the years of the contract, need a lot of playing time and the ball, with both the rockets are not satisfied, so they are going in the next few days, a buyout agreement with Mr Schroder, at that time,A number of teams, led by the Knicks, are interested in signing Schroeder.Finally, there’s the Mavericks, who haven’t given up on trading porzingis over the past month, according to Marc Stein. Irving, Siakam, and CJ McCollum have been mentioned frequently.But as the trade deadline approached, the Mavericks failed to find the right deal, forcing them to resort to a two-for-two option.It is reported that the Wizards have become the next stop of Pozen’s career, now the trade has been agreed, the Mavericks sent pozen +1 second round pick, from the Wizards to acquire Bertans + Dinwiddie.In an almost two-line move, the Mavericks are also preparing to cut fringe player Moses Brown, freeing up a roster spot that could be used to facilitate a 2-for-2 trade.That’s all I want to share with you today. Thank you for reading and paying attention.