Ideas are just ideas, not facts. Life is more fun when you test your ideas against facts

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These days, I write about the “gas stove problem”, which shows that dealing with things requires a process of “speaking, listening and watching”, that managing stress requires “emotions, help and plans”, and that “it is not events but thoughts that affect our emotional behavior”.Just went to work at that time, received a phone call from his hometown said that the gas stove was suddenly no fire, the first idea at that time is no gas, it needs to recharge as soon as possible.This thought leads to a phone call to your loved one, asking her to find a gas card, recharge it, and go back to her hometown to get gas without delay.The lover listened to the situation, said that may not be no gas, there may be bad battery contact, there was this situation before, thought there was no gas, find the gas card recharge after rushing past, only to find that the gas stove battery contact is not good, gas meter inside a lot of gas.This statement let me firmly believe, because there is such a thing, that thing seems to be yesterday, so I told my hometown, first look at the gas stove battery problem, really can not go past.See, the same problem because of different interpretations, there are different reactions, think there is no gas that need to recharge, think the battery problem that do not rush to the past.Later, after changing the battery gas stove is still not good, ask gas company customer service personnel again, be informed door-to-door service time is uncertain, have to oneself go back, still think is battery problem at this time.When I got back, I found there was no gas!So, an idea is an idea, an idea is not a fact, and an idea needs to be tested.These thoughts are called automatic thoughts, automatic thoughts after things happen, and they are habitual thoughts, like automatic navigation systems that allow us to go about our daily lives with minimal effort and brain cells.It’s just that most of the time these ideas may not be realistic, so stay humble and don’t let ideas lead you by the nose, but test your ideas with facts.The best state of mind is to accept our automatic way of thinking about things, but not to cling to it, but to test it with facts.It can be said that all subjective negative emotions are derived from their own stubborn ideas, unable to be flexible, unwilling to open, lack of tolerance and capacity.This may be the “breaking of grasping” that Buddhism especially emphasizes.Seemingly simple things, there will be a variety of unsatisfactory, such as the above gas stove problem, know that there is no gas, the solution is to recharge, but there will still be a lot of unexpected.Automatic recharge machine to gas card recharge, gas card can not give gas meter inflation, there is no way to only consult customer service staff, belong to the machine fault, and then go to the business hall.It is true that good things take time.In fact, everything is complicated, which is the essence of life, because nothing is smooth, but twists and turns are the normal state.The so-called did not think is actually stubborn ideas, or in a persistent state of mind.Ideas are smooth sailing, facts are possible, ideas are different from facts that is the greatest fact.The solution is to test ideas with facts, which makes life fun.