CBA vicissitudes of change three group: Wu Ameng change new yan, inserted wings tiger change fish belly, fish into the dragon is greedy

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The second stage of CBA has come to a successful end!The results of the 20 teams are also fixed in their respective positions in the standings.As the fog clears and the dust settles, some changes are evident this season.The change of the big, the change of many staggering, can be called the CBA version of 72 changes!”Change”, change also!Sheng extreme and decline of those who have, negative calm also have!The so-called extreme things will have a reverse, which in fact fully accords with the law of dialectics.But it’s still hard to get used to!And among them the vicissitudes of the three groups especially attract attention!Before the fans used to be called the belly of the Guangzhou dragon lion, under the guidance of Guo Shiqiang two consecutive seasons to build, as early as the original Wu Xia Ameng!See their smooth conduction, quick but precise transitions, unrelenting fighting spirit, and superior execution.That’s just what an old gun looks like!Therefore the vicissitudes of the three groups, Guangzhou first.It is indeed a very pleasant thing that the belly of the fish becomes old.However, the old gun into the belly, let people sigh!And not the only team to have that trait this season!But the most representative team is xinjiang flying Tiger men’s basketball team.A guide led by the wide range of flying tigers, has been three consecutive years of poor record.In the first year, it entered the final four, but in the second year, it regressed to the top eight.And this year!Can use the person is to walk to walk, hurt to hurt!And the rest of the model players, has been hovering in the edge of injury…So far, Xinjiang men’s basketball team only won 12-16 embarrassing record, ranked in the 13th!Not even a playoff threshold yet!Xinjiang Guanghui, once as famous as Liao and Guangdong, has become the belly of fish!Therefore in this vicissitudes of the three groups, the Xinjiang tiger, with wings, can be in second place.Those who fall are sighed, those who soar are praised, and Shanghai Jiushi Big shark is “praised”, now this local tycoon, has been ranked second in the standings.Shanghai can defeat guangdong and Zhejiang and so on, has shown enough war power!Li Chunjiang has brought great changes for Shanghai men’s basketball team!Its lineup continues to upgrade, tactics are changing, and the offensive end has even been the league’s top, the performance of the defensive end has not lost Beijing and Guangdong!Their soaring record is no accident, their goal is bound to be even higher!Even the big pattern of liao and Guangdong contending for hegemony will be broken by it!Accordingly, the vicissitudes of the three groups, there is a place for Shanghai men’s basketball!This article “CBA vicissitudes of change three group: Wu Ameng change new face, inserted wings tiger change fish belly, fish dragon greedy” end, thank you for coming to read.In this celebration of the whole world, wish all the ball friends: happy New Year!Good health!Everything wins!Peace and good luck!(Drinking songs)