Blind date failed, a lady in Jinan wanted to return more than ten thousand yuan membership was rejected

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As the pace of life quickens, matchmaking websites and dating apps have become a way for many young singles to find love.Recently, a jinan resident surnamed Liu told Qilu Evening News that she spent more than 10,000 yuan to become a member of a matchmaking company, but was turned down when she asked for a refund.According to Liu, on February 23, she saw a blind date card in a square and found a man whose education background, height and weight all met her criteria for blind date, so she dialed the number left on the card with a try attitude.”The matchmaker answered the phone and said if she wanted to meet the man, she could come to the office for a chat.”The next day, Ms. Liu came to the matchmaking company.”I was received by a matchmaker who called herself Teacher Wang. She kept asking me to spend tens of thousands of yuan on its dating service so that I could meet that man.”Liu said.”I kept asking the matchmaker whether my qualifications matched the man’s and if not, could I get a refund?”Liu said that after repeatedly checking with her matchmaker and receiving a positive answer, she paid 12,980 yuan for the eight-month marriage package.”This price the matchmaker said to give me the preferential price.”However, in meeting with a man, Ms. Liu felt herself to be “routine”.”I paid 12,980 yuan for the membership, but the man I introduced didn’t match his face, height, fat or thin in the photo.He thinks he’s from the same town as me, and tells me he doesn’t pay me a penny, but comes here every Sunday to meet the women members.”Hearing this, Ms. Liu was very angry and asked for a refund, but was rejected by the matchmaking company.After the blind date denied that the “marriage promise” had been rejected, Liu went to the Civil Affairs bureau of Shizhong District in Jinan, hoping to mediate.”We have contacted the market supervision Bureau, the public Security Bureau and the sub-district office for coordination.”City central district civil affairs bureau related staff said, had already made an appointment with the matchmaking company related person in charge of the time to meet, but the other party later did not agree to coordinate.March 28, the reporter contacted the matchmaking company staff Ms zhang.Ms. Liu went straight for a doctor, Ms. Zhang explained.”We matched her with other blind dates based on the situation, but she was not satisfied and insisted on meeting the doctor.”Ms. Zhang said that Dr. Xu Wei (pseudonym) is also a member of the company, education background, resume, personal data have a true backup, not the “trust” Ms. Liu said.”At Ms. Liu’s request, we arranged for Mr. Xu Wei to meet her offline.”Ms. Zhang said that after xu wei met Ms. Liu, because of some reasons, and Ms. Liu is not suitable, he did not plan to continue to develop.Later, Ms. Liu asked the company to refund the relevant fees.Ms. Zhang stressed that both parties signed a contract, so they refused to refund.”We are marriage referrals. We can only meet according to the needs and wishes of both parties. We try our best to match each other.”Ms. Zhang said.On the afternoon of March 28, the reporter contacted Mr. Xu Wei who met Ms. Liu on a blind date.”I met a matchmaker at a matchmaking event. They thought I had good qualifications and wanted me to become a member.”He told reporters that his academic background, work and personal circumstances are not fake, not even “marriage”.Considering that he had reached the marriageable age, he agreed to the matchmaker’s invitation.”I really wanted to find a partner, not to be a ‘matchmaker’. The matchmaking company didn’t charge me membership fees because they thought I had good qualifications.””I was supposed to meet another girl that day, but after we met, the matchmaker arranged for me to meet Ms. Liu again.”Xu wei said that at first he did not agree, but later he heard that Liu was a fellow of his own town and agreed.After meeting, he thinks two people are not very suitable, have no plan to continue to develop.Source: Ynet