Interpretation of innovative integrity and never give up spirit, Yantai 5 entrepreneurs won the province’s grand commendation

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint reporter Yan Lijun, Reporter Zhang Yan, Yang Lin, Zhai Xiaolei, Fu Tichang, Liu Yi, Liu Miaomiao, Wang Xusheng February 7th, the first day of work after the Spring Festival, shandong Province 2022 work mobilization conference was held to commend outstanding entrepreneurs, industry leaders and outstanding entrepreneurs in Shandong Province.Reporters combed found that the award of 72 enterprises home yantai entrepreneurs accounted for 5, a look at how cattle they have?Over the years, Jerry has been constantly promoting industrial upgrading, realizing the transformation of old and new driving forces, enhancing the endogenous driving force of development and improving the quality of development.From high-end oil and gas equipment to break foreign monopoly, to continuous innovation to ensure national energy security, and then to follow the pace of national intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet development, incubated orange cloud design, Lithium code cloud and other emerging business outside the listed plate……Today, Jeri has become a listed company with international operation, and has 5 national and provincial scientific and technological innovation platforms, such as the National Industrial Design Center and Shandong Enterprise Technology Center. Jeri has been identified as the national Torch Plan high-tech enterprise and Forbes China’s Most Potential Listed Enterprise, and ranked the top 100 tax paying enterprises in the province.Jerry’s products and services have covered more than 70 countries and regions in the world.Sun Weijie attributed these achievements to all jerry comrades, and what unites them together is the core competitiveness of the enterprise — healthy culture and highly recognized culture team.On January 22, 2022, Jerry Group held the 2021 annual work summary and commendation conference.At the site of the annual meeting, Mr. Sun Weijie, chairman of the Board of Directors of Jerry Group made a keynote speech entitled “Corporate culture is the core competitiveness, always adhere to the right path of enterprise development”.He pointed out that jerry’s corporate culture is a set of values universally recognized by Jerry’s people, centering on stimulating the potential of members and the efficiency of the organization to achieve win-win results for all parties concerned.Sincerity is the cornerstone of Jerry’s corporate culture and the core element of Jerry’s culture. Jerry’s earliest core value is “sincerity, hand in hand, strive for the first”.Sun Weijie believes that change is eternal, so the concept should also be changed. It is not external changes that bring down the enterprise, but internal problems that are the root cause of the collapse of the enterprise. Numbness, complacency and isolation will make Jerry go to the grave, and self-criticism is to keep jerry open culture, crisis culture and change culture.Jerry’s enterprise spirit is “always forward, never give up, anything is possible”.Without this spirit, Jerry would have stuck with the original parts trading business and never grown up.Jerry’s corporate orientation is to be responsible: to be decent and pragmatic, to shoulder civic responsibility, corporate responsibility, team responsibility, family responsibility.As a manager, you should shoulder the responsibilities that managers should do.Leading entrepreneurs in Shandong Province:Pan Jiebo — Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of SAIC-GM-Dongyue Base to build a first-class manufacturing Base, Talent Base and Innovation Base Since 2002, Pan Jiebo has promoted the production start of saIC-GM-Dongyue Automobile Co., LTD., the first sedan chair factory in Shandong Province, and the subsequent construction of the second and third phase capacity expansion projects.In addition, the company has promoted the production of GF9 gearbox, Envision S/ Envision Plus and other projects, and led the team to continuously promote the company to the strategic goal of “first-class manufacturing base, first-class talent base and first-class innovation base”.He led the team to further promote intelligent manufacturing and energy conservation and emission reduction, and achieved harmonious progress between the enterprise and the environment.In 2021, the company will produce 220,000 vehicles, 400,000 engines and 610,000 transmissions, with an output value of 36.4 billion yuan and a tax contribution of 2.8 billion yuan.Since its establishment, the company cumulative production of 5.82 million cars, 17.26 million sets of powertrain, the output value of 632.9 billion yuan, tax revenue of 48.1 billion yuan, export 670000 cars, 200000 people directly or indirectly boost the local employment, attracting 89 level 1 supplier factories in shandong province (including yantai 68), yantai and shandong province automobile industry leading enterprises,It has strongly promoted the development of yantai’s automobile industry with output value of over 100 billion yuan. The total amount of tax paid over the years ranks among the top among provinces and cities, contributing to the local economic and social development.It has been awarded national Green Factory, Top 100 Enterprises of Shandong Province, Top 10 Meritorious Enterprises of Yantai city, The world’s Most Valuable Factory of GENERAL Motors, JD.POWER Factory Quality Platinum award, “Energy Star” Industrial Energy-saving Award and other honors.Company will with saic gm’s strategy of “electric, intelligent, made” as the guide, with leading technology and strategic layout, take the initiative to change, embrace the future, for stimulating the local industry, provide jobs, pay taxes in accordance with the law, improve the level of manufacturing industry play a bigger role in such aspects as yantai in shandong province and even the automobile industry to make greater contribution to the development of high quality.Outstanding Entrepreneur of Shandong Province: Yang Hengkun — Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and General Manager of Orient Electronics Group Co., LTD. The ultimate pursuer who practices the “Progressive mode” The pattern and vision of an entrepreneur determine how high the enterprise he leads can stand and how far it can go.Since 2007, Dongfang electronics has closely followed the belt and Road Initiative and vigorously promoted the development of the international market. From providing products through agents, dongfang electronics has realized its own going out and created the operation mode of “system integration + operation and maintenance service”. Overseas markets have expanded from 5 to 40 countries and regions including India, Africa and Southeast Asia.Among them, the market share of RTU/FRTU in Malaysia has reached 50%, the market share of distribution network automation in India has reached 30%, and the “most advanced power grid dispatching center in Central Africa” has been built in Equatorial Guinea, which has been operating safely and stably for more than 3,000 days…Dongfang Electronics established its DFE brand overseas.On October 21, 2021, the national “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” scientific and technological innovation an exhibition center in Beijing, the Oriental electronic participation and implementation of the “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” national key research and development plan of guangzhou pearl industrial park “industrial park of multiple user interaction with the electric system key technology research and demonstration” project, as the excellent achievement of science and technology innovation at the exhibition of high and new technology exhibition.Held every five years, the National Science and Technology Innovation Achievements Exhibition showcases a number of major scientific and technological innovations made since the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020) in basic frontier areas, strategic high-tech, and science and technology for people’s livelihood, representing the highest level of scientific and technological innovation in China.Pearl Industrial Park project is a national key special “work” promoted by Yang Hengkun, secretary of the Party Committee, chairman and general manager of Dongfang Electronics Group Co., LTD., during the whole process of supervision and construction, which lasted 1730 days.The project is led and undertaken by Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, with 10 units participating in cooperation. Dongfang Electronics is responsible for the research and development of some key technologies, field exploration and the implementation of the whole project. Yang Hengkun is the project leader.Data show that compared with before the implementation of the project in 2016, the total energy consumption of six enterprises and one university in The Pearl Industrial Park where the project is located has been reduced by 14% and the total cost has been reduced by 28%. The annual cost of water, electricity, gas, heating and cooling has been saved by more than 10 million yuan, and the annual carbon dioxide emission has been reduced by 16,000 tons.It has set up a typical demonstration of clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient intelligent energy management in industrial parks.Earlier in 2021, the project successfully passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and its key technologies are “internationally leading”.Today, “carbon peak, carbon neutral” has become a national strategy, which indicates the coming of a new era of energy, which further shows the confidence and determination of Dongfang Electronics to develop digital comprehensive energy services and build energy conservation and environmental protection industry.Yang Hengkun innovation and progress, and create the “diligence mode” fundamental, he change numerous for brief, open source enterprise, driven by digital management, the reorganization of the enterprise management activity, summarized as 33 elements, nine levels throughout the organic fusion, make a concise, smooth, suitable business processes, to achieve the optimal efficiency of every link of enterprise inside and outside andFor the steady development of enterprises to provide a strong, scientific, effective “methodology” guidance.Innovation, must fully understand the needs of customers (market), in order to “precise innovation”, do not do useless work;Only by optimizing products, services and experience, focusing on customers and creating value for customers, can an enterprise “make continuous progress”.In recent years, driven by Yang Hengkun, Dongfang Electronics has been continuously revolutionizing itself, extending from electric power to water, gas, refrigeration, heating and energy storage to customers’ energy consumption ecosystem, providing comprehensive digital energy saving and efficiency enhancing services for customers.Through the implementation of low-carbon green projects such as parks, factories, campuses, urban complexes and shore power, Dongfang Electronics can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 7.153 million tons per year and generate economic benefits of more than 300 million yuan per year.Yang Hengkun goals are not limited to this, the “Oriental electronics will be leading ‘leading technology, quality, cost leadership, first-class efficiency” as the gripper, focus on a new generation of information technology, power supply, storage, industrial chip design, intelligent digital manufacturing, energy and other new industry cluster development, speed up the industrial control, industrial software, industry of IT, the overall layout of the Internet,Carry the banner of revitalizing the localization of industrial software, and promote Chinese industry to move forward to industry 4.0 and industrial Internet.”Ping-yu Sun led Minhe Stock to be listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2008, becoming the first listed company in white-feather broiler industry in China.The construction project of 800,000 sets of parent broiler breeding park was officially started in 2021. The project was successfully selected as the preferred project of transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province and the key construction project of Yantai city in 2021. Its construction will greatly improve the company’s parent broiler breeding scale and inject new development vitality into the company.The “Modern Technical Transformation Project of Broiler Cage Raising” continues to be carried out. The implementation of this project is of great significance to further improve the intelligent management level of broiler breeding of the company and promote the progress and development of broiler breeding mode.The fourth incubator intelligent technology transformation project will be officially put into operation in early 2021. At present, the company has four world-leading intelligent incubation plants with an annual incubation capacity of 400 million, representing the highest level of advanced incubation technology in China.The commercial chicken base “annual output of 20 million commercial broiler feeding park construction project” is also in orderly progress, after the completion of the project, the company’s commercial broiler production capacity can reach the annual output of 50 million.At present, the company has established a civil characteristics of “ecological health breeding – safe green food – efficient utilization of resources – organic fruit and vegetable planting” combination, ecological cycle industry chain, leading the development of animal husbandry industry new direction.He cares about the society, benefits the people, loves public welfare undertakings, and drives farmers to get rich together.In the past five years, he led the company to donate more than 7 million yuan to dig Wells and repair roads in surrounding villages, making important contributions to the construction of new countryside and rural revitalization.During the COVID-19 outbreak, he led Minhe To donate more than 5.6 million yuan in donations and materials, making important contributions to epidemic prevention and control.Over the past 30 years, Chairman Yu Xiaoning has led the enterprise to develop from a small shopping mall with 5 employees to a large modern enterprise group.It has formed a pattern of coordinated development of chemical and plastic trade, new polymer materials, titanium dioxide, modern logistics, coal industry and trade, financial services, other industries, and has been ranked among the top 500 Private enterprises in China for years.Over the years, Chairman Yu Xiaoning has led the company to adapt to the trend of development, seize development opportunities, adhere to strategic innovation, scientific and technological innovation, marketing innovation and management innovation, after four transmutations, and constantly climb the peak of industry development.Adhering to the “product for the roots, people-oriented, science and technology leading, customer first” business philosophy, and actively introduce talents, promote independent innovation ability, successfully conquer the big special structure design problem of dynamic vulcanization reactors, every breakthrough in the preparation of the key technology of er of TPV technology, and successfully put into production reaches producing, have independent intellectual property rights,Broke the technological monopoly of a few developed countries such as the United States and Japan, and won the second prize of national technological invention in 2008.People without honesty, enterprise without faith, “integrity” on the dao en core values in the first place.For a long time, Yu Xiaoning insists on building an honest brand and consolidating the market by mutual benefit and win-win.In those early days, dawn group through market research, puts forward some Suggestions of the washer material localization, for a domestic upstream and downstream petrochemical company haier washing machine manufacturers, collaborative joint develop high-end washing machine is special material, unlock the doors of the washer material localization, industry influence and brand awareness rising.In the tide of transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province, Chairman Yu Xiaoning led the enterprise to accelerate the project construction, the implementation of intelligent transformation project, listed in one national demonstration project, one demonstration project in Shandong Province, for the new material industry in Shandong province has played a demonstration role;The new kinetic energy projects cultivated have been listed as two provincial key projects, filling the gap in new materials subdivision in Shandong Province, expanding the application of new polymer materials in aerospace, ocean engineering, high-speed railway and other fields, and enhancing the influence of the industry.Market internationalization is an important part of Dawn’s “three modernizations”.In recent years, Dawn has formed a “12210” r&d layout, TPV, melt-blown materials and other products among the world’s competitive stage, the market share is in the forefront;With the birth of the enterprise and the vigorous development of the international trading company, with more than 70 countries and regions of the well-known enterprises long-term cooperation, become a set of import, export, agent, domestic trade in one of the comprehensive trading enterprises;With the continuous extension of product chain, enterprise chain and industrial chain, Dawn Group is accelerating the layout of its industrial territory overseas.