How much does a three-point jump dunk count?How are basketball scores determined?

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Calculate three points;A dunk from the three-point line counts as three points.In basketball, very few people can jump from the three-point line for a dunk, and if they do, the dunk is scored by three points.Because taking off from the three-point line for a dunk requires incredible jumping power, it is very difficult.Below we will introduce the basketball score demarcation standard in detail: a, the dunk scoring standard to determine the jump position, if the jump position outside the three-point line, then the dunk scored 3 points, if the dunk position within the three-point line, the dunk scored two points.When you step on the three-point line during the dunk jump, then you still determine by two points.Two, shooting scoring standards in the process of shooting, if it is in situ shooting, we according to the location at that time to determine, if within the three-point line for two points, if outside the three-point line for three points, feet on the three-point line for two points.If it is a jump shot, we still determine the jump position according to the jump shot. If the fadeaway jump shot is within the three-point line, and the shot is outside the three-point line, we still score according to two points.