Guan Jiayu of Yingze District after decoupling from “coal” : seal the coal opening and find a new way

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Recently, the reporter followed the two levels of emergency management system of the urban staff, yingze district view of the valley village 3 were sealed production of coal mine inspection.This is the city’s production safety field risk hidden trouble big investigation big rectification “100 days to attack” concentrated action in a surprise inspection.Seal the coal hole Up a rough mountain road, past a pig farm, and climb a steep hill to the sealed coal hole.Huge blocks of stone were piled up and layers of loess were added to seal the hole completely.Without “guidance”, it is hard to see that here was a district coal mine wellhead.There are abundant coal reserves underground in Guanjiayu Village, and it was once a very lively coal-producing area in Dongshan of Taiyuan. Villagers opened coal mines, dug rocks and burned ash, and became the richest village in Haozhuang Town.Since 2003, in response to the government’s call, the village’s three coal mines have been closed.Closing down small coal mines and sealing coal holes seem simple, but actually worry about them.Several village “two committees” regard this matter as a major event to pay attention to, every quarter to inspect, even during the Spring Festival they did not relax, to prevent illegal mining.Liu Xin of yingze District emergency Management Bureau is a cadre stationed in the village. He pays more attention to safety management and often inspects several coal seams.Recently, he watched it almost every week.”Since the price of coal has been rising, I have been paying close attention to the situation at the coal gap in the village, afraid that someone will take the risk.”Find a new way to gradually decouple from “coal”, how to go in the future, become the village “two committees” to think about the problem.Under the guidance, leadership and support of the city and district, Guanjiayu Village has made great efforts in ecological restoration, tourism development and agricultural development.After years of ecological restoration, the environment of Guanjiayu village has changed greatly.Looking up at the blue sky and taking a few breaths of fresh air, villager Gao Xiaoliu sighed: “We are really here with high mountains and big wind and good air.”The “credit” for a good environment should not only be attributed to “mountains” and “winds”.Village party branch secretary Yang Jian introduced, along with the opening of the east and West mountain tourism road, the green area of the Guanjiayu area amounted to 140,000 square meters, planted with more than 100 species, more than 40,000 evergreen trees and flowers, to create the four seasons evergreen, three seasons have flower landscape effect.Road, beautiful scenery, more cars, more people, more activities, tourism is also hot, and even the city held the east and West mountain tourism road cycling race, the starting point is located in the view of the valley.Convenient transportation not only promotes tourism, but also provides strong support for agricultural development.Guanjiayu village abounds in pure natural honey, native eggs, small grains and so on.In the past, the slope road bumpy car line, there are good things also difficult to sell out.Now, spacious flat road from the songzhuang direct village, the market is developing.During the Spring Festival, the village “two committees” also carried out “hand in hand to vibrate urban and rural areas benefit the people help farmers warm ten thousand” activities, the purpose is to put the village “specialty” to launch.There are good ideas in the village cadres Liu Xin, guanjiayu village agricultural development status is still small farmers, agricultural products have not formed an industrial chain, farmers weak sales ability.In order to change the current situation, the village “two committees” will further invigorate the collective economy of the village, launch participatory farming experience, fruit tree adoption, farm entertainment, etc., basic farmland by the village collective for farmers in spring and autumn harvest, through the project to help farmers benefit the people, the development of help sales model, effectively maximize the interests of the people.”Our goal is to realize healthy development and positive interaction between agriculture, rural areas and villagers with urban communities and residents, and actively explore a new model of coordinated development between rural areas and communities.In a word, we will move faster to build a new socialist countryside with thriving industries, prosperous farmers and a livable environment.”This is Yang Jian’s plan.Coal seams have been sealed, the road to extensive development blocked, and new ways have been found to build beautiful and wealthy new villages.To promote development with safety, with development to bring safety, more than ten years, Guanjiayu village out of a very “experience” development road.Reporter Shen Bo Taiyuan Daily