French romantic elegant residence, give the hostess a tong Qu world, exclusive adult secret paradise

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French romantic ya ju, give the hostess a world of tong qu, exclusive secret adult male host is busy IT elite, goodwife is a lovely teacher, in private, like in the home to do manual, at home there is a very cute baby, parents will always come and small couples live together, the hostess on the household style a certain wind restoring ancient ways,I hope the home can have an independent and spacious space so that I can be happy to do manual work, and the male host can comfortably work at home.Main building materials: iron pieces, stone, artificial stone, system cabinet, wood, paint, glass, imitation water mold paint 1: there is no independent porch in the original house, after opening the door to see the living room, without any privacy guarantee.2: Considering the private interests of the host and hostess, there needs to be a sufficiently spacious space in the home.3: advocate lie to want enough receive area.1: The master bedroom has been adjusted the spatial layout, to give up the clothing area and the bathtub space.2: remove part of the partition wall, ensure lighting, but also give enough space for children to play.3: Advocate lie and second lie between design goodwife manual area.4: Hallway additional independent L – type storage cabinets.Design key: the upgrade porch that combinative ark realizes dimensional function area does not have independent cabinet body before porch, store content very inconvenience.After the transformation, customized cabinets were added to solve the problem of insufficient storage space, and it is also convenient to change shoes daily. At the same time, it is closely connected with the bar of the restaurant to ensure the linkage and communication of the space.The spliced floor makes the space layout more complete and also ensures the delicate feeling of the space.Cabinet and delicate place the drab that avoided a space, also let porch more clever and changeful.Design key: table of retractable eat satisfies diversiform demand in order to promote the comfort of small family space and practical feeling, chose can retractable mesa specially, the friend also can be entertained easily in the home, daily table top is closed also can avoid the depression of the space and cumbersome, easily realize the changeable layout of the space.Design key: large vitreous door lets sunshine can freely pour between sitting room and balcony do space with vitreous sliding door, assured the open visual sense of the space, also let sunshine can pour freely come in, apply colours to a drawing gives the hazy aesthetic feeling of the space.TV setting wall is the most ingenious one part design, the cupboard door that can push pull lets receive area and TV realize different hide.Different size of the case mouth to solve the problem of insufficient storage space, but also let the child can learn to organize.The large white space allows children to play safely.Design key: the color that copy old-style design assures style is distinctive advocate lie is very go out carry, tie-in real wood furniture, more the style glamour that shows a space, also added the illicit close feeling of the bedroom.French elements can be seen everywhere, embellishing the romance and elegance of the space. No matter from which Angle you appreciate, you can find different beauty.Key points of design: the area of the super exquisite furniture bathroom has been expanded, releasing enough space to put the bathtub. At the same time, the exquisite finished furniture is selected to make the space more elegant and fashionable. The combination of single items full of texture makes the freshest and changeable space.Key points of design: create a small paradise for the owner to release part of the space between the master bedroom and the second bedroom as the manual area of the hostess, so that the hostess can enjoy the fun of working at home, enjoy the happy time without pressure.Double the pleasure of moving your hands.Bright yellow barn doors are chosen for the door of the multifunctional room, and the outside is designed to receive books, ensuring the practical performance of the space.Design key: small pure and fresh layout assures dimensional simple sense second defended the layout that chose the same style with porch and color department likewise, let a space have simple sense and pure and fresh breath more, custom-made wash one’s hands stage specially, lower part provided enough receive a space, let store content to become simpler.From the first field investigation, to the drawing, and then to the actual construction, although the whole process took a lot of time, but the final transformation is still a great surprise to the owner, basically 100% of the renderings into reality.Adults should also have a small space of their own, where they can relax their thoughts and realize their childhood dreams.# Breathing home #