Enrollment rules for the 2022 Putian High school entrance examination were released

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The registration period for the high school entrance examination is from June 25 to June 27. The registration period of the whole city is from March 11 to March 20, 2022.Those who missed the registration due to special reasons can make up the registration from May 6 to 10, 2022.1. Putian school status of this year’s junior high school students can sign up.Online registration is organized by the school where the student is enrolled.2. This year’s junior high school graduates who have putian household registration but study in other cities must transfer their school registration to our city’s junior high schools and apply for putian 2022 High School entrance Examination before May 5, 2022.Junior high school graduates whose school status has not been transferred back on time shall apply for the examination as social examinees in designated schools of the county or district where their household registration is located (hereinafter referred to as social examinees).3. Graduates of previous junior high schools in This city who have not been admitted by senior high schools (including equivalent education background, hereinafter referred to as former students) shall apply online at their current schools.Take an examination of voluntary when to fill in?Putian city in the implementation of the test after the assessment points online fill volunteer.The specific application period is from June 30 to July 2, from 8 a.m. to 22 p.m.How to take an examination of file total score composition?The scores of 10 subjects, including Chinese, Mathematics, English, PHYSICAL Education and Health, physics, chemistry, ethics and rule of law, history, geography and biology, will be counted into the total score according to the combination of original scores and converted scores.Among them, each subject is: Chinese, mathematics, English 150 points, sports and health 40 points (including cultural points and motor skills points);Physics is assessed at 90 per cent of the paper mark, chemistry at 60 per cent, Ethics and rule of Law and history at 50 per cent, and Geography and Biology at 30 per cent of the paper mark, for a total of 800 points.How to add extra points for subject level?Starting from 2022, the city will cancel the policy of graded bonus points, that is, examinees who reach 10A or 9A1B in Chinese, Mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, Ethics and rule of law, history, geography, Biology and PHYSICAL Education, who reach 8A2B or 7A3B, will no longer be awarded bonus points on the total score of file entry, with a total score of 800 points.What does policy add points have?The extra points and scores for Senior high School Enrollment are implemented in accordance with the Notice of Putian Education Bureau on Printing and Distributing The Adjustment Plan of Senior High School Enrollment Enrollment Policy (Pujiao Middle School (2021) No. 21).What is batch of admission of common high school?The enrollment of ordinary high schools (including private ordinary high schools) in 2022 is divided into four batches: the first batch is provincial standard high schools (according to the order of independent enrollment, direct promotion, special students, unified enrollment, directional students, and classes of Chinese-foreign cooperative education projects);The second batch is the provincial secondary standard high school;The third batch of provincial grade 3 qualified high schools.The fourth batch of ordinary high schools did not reach the standard.Among them, the provincial-level qualified senior high schools continue to implement sequential voluntary enrollment, while the other three batches are implementing parallel voluntary enrollment.Putian No. 1 Middle School, Putian No. 2 Middle School and Xianyou No. 1 Middle School will try out independent enrollment, and the specific plan will be notified separately.Putian Overseas Chinese Middle School and Xianyou County Overseas Chinese Middle School continue to implement the promotion of enrollment, and Putian No. 8 Middle School set up the promotion of enrollment, in 2024 trial.What is the admission batch of vocational colleges?The enrollment of vocational colleges is divided into three batches, all of which implement the sequential voluntary enrollment and are selected according to the students’ voluntary enrollment: the batch in advance is five-year normal higher vocational colleges (file before ordinary high school enrollment);The second batch of five-year general vocational;The third batch is secondary vocational schools (the second and third batches are carried out after the completion of ordinary high school enrollment).Candidates who apply for the five-year vocational school’s interview (or test) major must attend the professional interview or test held by the school they apply for.How is provincial one level mark high school special ability unripe recruit students to admit students?Under the premise of meeting the requirements of the filing score, the parallel voluntary way is adopted to file, according to the professional test results of specialty students, from high to low scores.If individual enrollment schools fail to complete the enrollment plan for special talents, the enrollment quota will be directly transferred to the unified enrollment plan of the school.The minimum control line for the admission of sports students with special ability in sports is 60 points, and the score of the high school entrance examination must reach more than 60% (inclusive) of the control line for the admission of the qualified schools in 2022.The minimum admission control line for art specialty students is 70 points, and the admission score of the high school entrance examination must reach more than 90% (inclusive) of the admission control line of the city’s 2022 provincial standard schools.From 2023, the minimum control line is 60 points for sports specialty students, and the score must reach 50% (including) above the control line of 2023 provincial standard schools.Art specialty students art professional achievement lowest admit control line is 70 minutes, take an examination of file points must achieve our city 2023 province one level mark school admit control line 80% (including) above.The minimum control line for the admission of sports majors is 60 points, and the score of the high school entrance examination must reach above 55% of the control line for the admission of the qualified schools in 2022.(3) admission to the excellent sports special immortal way: (A) outstanding athletic performance qualification: whoever obtains the national second class above (including level 2) title of athletes, or get the examinee of one of the following honors: one is the province education department or province sports bureau organization above high school league tournament, province and its single top three games, or collective project top three key players;Second, the top six main players in individual events or team events in national competitions organized by the Ministry of Education or general Administration of Sports;Third, junior high school football team members who won the best team at provincial level or above.The above students are required to submit the above materials to the municipal Recruitment Office for review and publicity within the specified time.(B) The students who meet the qualification of outstanding sports students shall participate in the professional test organized by the whole city and fill in the application form of individual sports or sports collective sports students. The students shall participate in the unified recruitment of special talents of the whole city according to the application form. The students shall be selected according to their major, and there is no requirement for the score of the middle school entrance examination.Is province one level mark high school to be unripe how admit?Provincial level high school target students are enrolled in accordance with the quota issued to each junior high school for filing, target students index can not complete the provincial level target high school, its remaining target students index recovered and directly into the provincial level target high school unified recruitment index.Society examinee, 4 years of life, 5 school year and above student is how admit?1. Candidates for provincial qualified high school admission and students with five academic years or above (students who have studied for five years or above in junior high school) shall participate in the enrollment after 30 points are deducted from the enrollment score.Admit 4 years to be born (contain 4 years this year is born, 4 years to be born, 4 years to be born namely in junior high school stage study time 4 years to be born) do not reduce cent.2. Students who are admitted to provincial secondary and tertiary qualified senior high schools, ordinary senior high schools and secondary vocational schools, and students with five academic years or above will not lose their marks. They will be admitted according to their file points.Schedule of middle school recruitment in 2022