A Letter home for the Spring Festival

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Dear family, Happy New Year!Another Spring Festival, although not far away, but I am sorry to pay you a New Year call in this way.As a glorious people’s police officer, ON this day of family reunion, I cannot accompany you when I am on duty in the institute, but I believe you can understand that I stick to my post for a bigger family with heavier responsibilities.Dear Father and Mother, IN my heart, I have always wanted to say a lot to you.Remember when I was a child, my most happy New Year gift is a “police uniform”, I remember when the police uniform is green, in front of a group of little friends wearing “police uniform” I was so confident and proud.Now, I put on a real police uniform, but also a formal epaulettes, but also a few more responsibilities and responsibilities.Through more than 30 years, in my heart, you are strong parents, never afraid in the face of difficulties.You have stood by and encouraged me and witnessed my growth, which has saved me many mistakes.I picked you up from my hometown 300 kilometers away, but I couldn’t stay with you. Looking at your increasingly pale hair, I felt that I was not a filial son, but I think I must be a proud son in your eyes.Dear Wife, I met you at the most difficult time, my wife, you are so confident, so beautiful and kind.Although I am not around you for the New Year again, because of the same work and common love, you understand me, and I have your support whenever I defend my country.Through the thick night outside the window, I can vaguely see you are busy figure, as auxiliary police you, the same for our common ideal dedication of their own strength.I know THAT I will not cry because of this, just as I never believe that you will become old and ugly (smiling face), I just feel more heavy hand pen, but I can bear the appearance.My lovely children: Daddy is not always with you, in the days that you take for granted, you have to learn to be confident, strong, independent, life is never easy.You have to believe that dad has overcome a lot of difficulties in the job, has been doing things that others admire, you should be proud of.Boys, I want you both to be strong people, especially son, and you to take on the responsibility of taking care of your mother as confidently as a father and as confidently as a man, and take care of your sister.When you grow up, you will also take good care of your grandparents and grandparents.You also need to have lofty ideals and feelings for your country. In the near future, like your father, you will become a watchman under the party flag to protect our heroic motherland and people.This letter is especially precious, paper short love longer love your Gao Yulong (Gao Yulong, male, Mongolian, born in December 1991, the current Tongliao City Kailu County public Security Bureau Liaohe farm police station director.Text: Gao Yulong editor: Chen Xiaowen Review: Wang Qiang supervisor: Zhang Wei reprint please indicate the source