Why do more and more people don’t want tea tables in their living rooms?Only by really trying, will you know how practical

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The sitting room is in the home receive a visitor, recreational take on, also be appearance take on at the same time, decorate to the sitting room, everybody takes seriously very much.But, major person to the impression of the sitting room, still stay in sofa + it seems that the fixed collocation of tea table, although won’t go wrong, but always give a person “eat tasteless” feeling.And as the change of living habits, more and more people begin to choose to abandon tea table now, why is this?Put the purpose of tea table: it is to use to receive the sitting room sundry such as remote control, paper towel, water cup, 2 it is to feel sofa tea table is standard match, little meeting feels strange.Why more and more people don’t put coffee tables?If the sitting room area is cramped and narrow, then put a heavy tea table that occupies half of the sitting room.Will only move more inconvenient, neither improve the level of appearance, but also appear very crowded.2. Easy to knock against the square coffee table, there are sharp corners, there are children in the home, because the action is not so flexible, it is easy to knock against the injury.3. Sundries piled up on the sofa to rest or watch TV often unconsciously fill the coffee table with snacks, residues and other sundries, resulting in a long time of coffee table into a gathering place for sundries and the cleaning of the home, which seems to affect the appearance level of the whole living room.Do not want tea table how to design?1. The difference that puts edge a few edge a few and tea table depends on, the modelling of edge a few is more simple and lightsome, convenient move, can vacate a lot of position for the sitting room, suit small and medium-sized family model.Although store content space is limited, but the small article that puts remote control, vase and so on is ok, can satisfy basic store content requirement.The edge can be placed in the middle of the living room, or on the side of the sofa.In the shape, it is best to choose rounded corners, material is not recommended to choose glass material.2. Don’t put anything on the carpet, just put a soft carpet, not only make the space appear more spacious, but also let the children at home to get a more open space for fun, more reckless play and avoid the risk of baby being hit.At the same time, in a spacious environment, parents can also join in, promoting parent-child affection.Some people have a habit of crossing their legs while sitting on the sofa, so you can put a special leg crossing pedal in the living room.The pedals are soft and comfortable.And the modelling sense of pedal is very strong, can bring strong decorative effect to the living room.Conclusion: No matter decoration or life, we should not be restricted to a certain level, break the tradition, explore more possibilities, maybe can bring surprise discovery!So, would you choose the “no end table” living room?Let me know in the comments section!