Officer xuan!A new public primary school of 36 classes will be built in this area of kunming’s northern downtown area and will be completed within this year

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This year on January 29, kunming public resources trading center issued the kunming panlong PeiJian elementary school construction projects in the longjiang construction bidding announcement, announcement, according to the school is located in longyuan road and road intersection of politics and law, according to the plan, this is a primary school 36 classes, namely after hui jin ‘peak project contracts with Jin Kangyuan primary school,This means that the owners are looking forward to new progress at the elementary school, which has been waiting for a long time.According to the bidding announcement, the primary school is located at the intersection of Longyuan Road and Zhengfa Road, with a total investment of about 390 million yuan. It is scheduled to start construction on February 28 and be completed on December 20.In march of last year, with the owners to reflect the original planning is the elementary school has not yet started construction, reporters know the situation to the sales department, sales department showed a dragon real estate development co., LTD., kunming kunming panlong district education bureau, kunming panlong Jin Kangyuan elementary school three sides sealed by the donation agreement.The donation Agreement displayed in the sales department reads: Jinkangyuan Primary School is directly under the Panlong District Education Bureau, and it is a first-class public demonstration school in Yunnan Province.Jinkangyuan Primary School has a strong faculty, with 58 senior primary school teachers.”The primary school is in the process of land expropriation, demolition and construction drawing design,” the developer said in an interview with The City Times last year. It is expected to open in 2021, but the specific opening date and relevant requirements are subject to the notification and requirements of the education department.The sales stage has signed the educational uncertainty notification with the owner to clearly inform the above information.Regarding the construction progress of the school, the project has been actively communicating with relevant departments, and the company also hopes to complete the construction and put into use as soon as possible.The completion date still needs the official reply from the competent department, so the company cannot infer.It is true that the company funded the education quality improvement in Panlong District, and the relevant funds have been paid.The construction and running of the school shall be completed by the corresponding competent authorities.In accordance with the contract, the company will build and deliver commercial housing in the later period. Education facilities are public resources, and the company will do its best to urge the early landing.The owner’s claim shall be handled in accordance with the contract.Since then, the owners of Jinlin Fenghui have left messages on the local leaders’ message board for many times, saying that the construction of the secondary school has not started yet and they hope to accelerate the construction process of the primary school.On December 22 last year, panlong District Education and sports Bureau said in reply to the owner’s message, Jinlin Fenghui community is located in The Panlong District Longquan street office, the area planning supporting the Longjiang district planning primary school is carrying out land expropriation demolition and construction drawing design and other preliminary work.Local leaders message board screenshots for residents in panlong purchase homes, jurisdiction, panlong education sports bureau will the admissions committee in kunming, according to relevant documents, in accordance with law, guarantee the jurisdiction each household school-age children or adolescents have socialized degree, do compulsory education area 100% coverage, not blind spot and blind spot, should ensure that enter into.According to the bidding announcement, the school will be completed within this year. What do you think about it?Source: City times if there are Revelations, contributions, business cooperation, infringement, please contact VX public number Yunnan property market observation communication processing.This article is for reference only, this number reserves the right of final interpretation, this number does not bear legal risks.Want to know more exciting content, come to yunnan property market observation # sand table model #