IQOSA Architect | perfect fusion of cultural spirit and practicality

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Kiev based design studio IQOSA Architect specializes in the fusion of current trends, rich textures, textured neutral tones, and the ability to mix different styles of design to create a perfect blend of cultural spirit and practicality.Not grandiose, but classic, this is a kind of living habits in line with contemporary people, there is a super style of design.This two-storey semi-circular House is the latest project from Kiev, Ukrainian-based design studio IQOSA Architect. The designers used rich colors with low saturation to shape the space and create a high fashion atmosphere.Exquisite soft furniture improves the overall texture of the space, and the open design gives people a broad visual feeling, creating a light luxury and warm living space for the owner of the house.In the sitting room, rich and harmonious low saturation match color, established the costly fundamental key of the space.Circular blue gray cloth art sofa separates sitting room and other space come, the circular tea table that tie-in metal pledges material, collision gives low-key costly artistic individual character.The chandelier on the ceiling is full of lines, showing the geometric beauty of modernism. The decorative relief on the wall and the ornaments on the side enrich the level of space.Restaurant located next to the living room, round dark grey marble table collocation modelling concise leather seats, also put the glass on the desk, the combination of different material make a space more exquisite luxury, the droplight with mensal upper part modelling unique, showing distinctive lines, a side of French window, ensure that the people have adequate light when have dinner,Enjoy a relaxing meal.In the kitchen, some designers of the middle island chose white marble. The rough texture of the stone adds a natural atmosphere of the space. Kitchen appliances are placed in the wall, making good use of the space, both beautiful and practical.Marble material is also chosen for the staircase. Decorative ornaments are placed below the staircase. The walls beside the staircase are composed of uneven stone, enriching the details of the space and creating a luxurious temperament.Other excellent works IQ-18-MTIQ-108-WR