Guo Songmin, Sima Nan, Jiubian Pro, Kevin Rudd, I’ve had enough of them

2022-05-11 0 By

Since the emergence of “we media”, there have been opinion leaders and many public figures with many fans, which is often referred to as “big VS”.Whether it is toutiao number, microblog, public account, or other we-media, everyone has their own favorite or often pay attention to the big V, every day to see what the big V posted, has become a required course for many people.Big V is a mixture of fish and dragon, what kind of people are there, some really can output knowledge, output views, positive energy is not very chicken soup, it makes people “listen to your words, better than ten years” feeling.Some big V master the realization of the password, is purely in order to cheat the flow, in order to flow they dare to say what others dare not say, dare to transform several pairs of faces, dare to create topics, create controversy, through the harvest flow to realize the realization of the purpose.This year, red but suddenly overturned the big V is not a few.This is one of the hottest big V’s in the headlines, and also one of the people I hate the most, no one.I hate them because they have an air of self-righteousness, a sense that they are on the moral high ground, an omniscient view of God.In the sky and in the earth, there is nothing they don’t understand, and they have to plug in everywhere.What they have in common is that they always believe they are infallible, and assume an air of independentness and objectivity, as if it were up to them to criticize the current situation and enlighten the people, like teachers.In fact, everyone is specialized in art, but these are not the same, they seem to be in every field of authority, can observe everything, can talk, can point fingers, to every event, every hot spot seems to have the key to the truth, can peep behind the mystery and mystery.It seems that they are the only people who are virtuous, that everyone else is despicable, everyone else is low IQ, everyone else’s vision is limited, everyone else’s speech is narrow.Anyone who questioned them would be “trolls”, “brainless”, “rightists” and “black fans”. They would not only ridicule them, but also show an air of “sorrow for their misfortune, anger against them”.It is ok to express one’s opinion, but to present oneself as the absolute truth, as the embodiment of justice, and to pose a preachy face, that is disgusting.In the treatment of opposing views, Guo Songmin, Sima Nan started earlier, the ability to resist pressure is stronger, almost can be indifferent to it.Nine Pro, Lu Kewen is the younger generation, psychological still fragile, though proud heart is fragile inferiority, very heart of glass, if you don’t understand or don’t agree with what they say, would have been a supercilious and sarcasm, often will also send some articles, and fans of online friends criticism education, but it is mistake.On this point, they are not as good as hu Xijin, who is often sprayed and often criticized by people.Although many people do not agree with Hu Xijin’s views, Hu Xijin never puts on a patronizing appearance and forces you to accept his views, but calmly presents facts and makes sense.If there is one saving grace for Guo songmin, Sima Nan, Kiubian Pro and Kevin Rudd, it is that they are diligent enough to often produce several hydrology articles in a short time, like an assembly line.In fact, a fine, thoughtful article, if not carefully polished for a period of time, serious research for a few days, which can casually want to write.But they are prolific, so you should know the quality of these articles.Guo Songmin, Sima Nan, nine edge Pro, Lu Kewen these a few, although the color on half a dozen of one another, but what difference?Also is there.Guo Songmin and Sima Nan appeared with a radical appearance of “the more left the more revolutionary”, which catered to a part of the group with relatively nostalgic thoughts.Quinco Pro and Kevin Rudd are pompous and like to talk, conspiracy theories and grand chess theories being their favourite ideas to sell.In fact, who does not understand them, is the doctrine on the mouth, but in the heart of the calculation, but that point flow of business.Cherish life, don’t be leek, away from these big V.