Excellent!Longnan city a work selected in 2021 China positive energy “five one hundred” network positive energy boutique pictures

2022-05-11 0 By

The results of the 2021 China Positive Energy “Five 100” Online boutique selection, sponsored by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), were announced recently.Recommended and submitted by the Organization Department of longnan Municipal Party Committee, the “Chicken Commander” live broadcast “Fire” shot by li Xuchun, the employee of the unit, was selected as one hundred positive energy fine pictures.It is understood that the selection by the central net letter for network communication bureau, China’s Internet development foundation, the CCTV network, People’s Daily online, xinhuanet, China JingJiWang, kwangmyong, China journal net, China news, China youth network, the web, the main business website platform, after the initial, review, network voting show and administrator sig gissler four stages,The work “Chicken Commander” live broadcast “Fire” recommended and submitted by organization Department of Longnan Municipal Party Committee stood out from more than ten thousand works.The work recorded a moment into the county network red “chicken commander” Shang Yukang live sales of chicken, reflects the city in the battle against poverty, make full use of e-commerce network platform, drive the poor people to learn, use the network, share the network dividend to get rid of poverty and get rich towards a well-off living story.