China women’s football coach: find the spirit of ‘sonorous rose’, now we set sail again

2022-05-11 0 By

Yangzi evening news network – Feb. 4 (reporter Sun Yunyue Bryan 瑆 Hao) 2022 women’s Asian cup semi-final at the end of the early this morning, the Chinese women’s team by indomitable spirit, in overtime absolutely flat defending champion Japanese women’s football, and rick in a penalty shoot-out Japanese women’s football, 14 years later again managed to get into the women’s Asian cup finals.After the match, The Head coach of Chinese women’s football Team, Shui Qingxia, also said: “Through so many years of efforts, we found the spirit of ‘sonorous roses’, and now we set sail again.”From the Olympic Games on the field of defeat and return, to now the Asian Cup on the field of strong rise.In fact, time for Shui Qingxia, only a few months.Shui also attributed the victory to her players’ confidence.”It was a tough win, but she had been asking the players to have the courage to fight and the fighting spirit, and to be more confident,” Said Shui qingxia. “From today’s performance, the players did it. Thank you very much to the players and the coaching staff.”As for the secret of winning the match, Shui qingxia bluntly said, “We equalized the score twice and had the advantage in confidence.So I asked my players to be decisive, resolute and relaxed when taking penalties.As for the Chinese women’s football team’s recovery from adversity, the Manager of Japan women’s football team also praised: “I was surprised by the opponent’s performance, especially in the absence of the main force, they performed very well and tenacious.”After the match, “super captain” Wang Shanshan, who led the Chinese women’s football team to victory, also spoke of her victory speech: “Now is an exciting moment, because this victory was difficult for us.Japan gave us a great challenge, their passing was difficult to defend, but the players had a good mentality before the match and were well prepared.In this game, I changed to middle back because the coach trusted me. He hoped THAT I could lead everyone to communicate more, so that there would be less mistakes.As the coach told us, we never gave up and won.”Proofreading Su Yun