After a long separation of temporary husband and wife, love can not hold together at the door of the factory, net friend: divorce agreement on the road

2022-05-11 0 By

In modern society, with the increasing number of migrant workers, many families have to choose one of the couple to go out to work, while the other has to stay at home in order to take care of their children and the elderly.In the case of separation of husband and wife, some married migrant workers men and women, quietly emerged a “temporary husband and wife” to live together and “support” the phenomenon.This is a kind of abnormal “temporary husband and wife” phenomenon. In order to solve the lonely men and women’s spiritual loneliness, physical hunger and sexual psychology, under the long-term separation of migrant workers’ husband and wife, they quietly come into being. They live together secretly or openly and form a temporary “family”.When the Spring Festival comes, they go back to their family in their hometown, and the temporary family disintegrates.Such temporary families, or cohabitation under the guise of husband and wife, have resurfaced as migrant workers return to cities after the Spring Festival.Recently, a netizen uploaded a video to reveal that in the street outside a garment factory in Zhejiang province, a “couple” in love, their daring and desperate unscrupulous, let them pick up garbage, the uncle directly looked at their situation.On March 14, 2022, a netizen in Zhejiang province shot a video at the gate of a garment factory. He felt it was necessary to publish the video of the “couple” showing their love, so that the netizens could see that this so-called “love” was actually a drama of a “temporary couple” meeting again after a long separation.In the video, a middle-aged man and a woman were hugging each other on the street in front of a garment factory.The man in a white jacket and the woman in a black suit, the hungry couple hugged each other as if they were in no one’s place.From the age of the two men and women held together as if no one was watching, they could not be a couple at all, the real husband and wife in public, could not be so enthusiastic and unrestrained, they still know at least implicit and shame.This pair is completely glued to the degree of men and women, is a temporary couple, they were in the Spring Festival for a period of time, “small separation wins the newlywed” appearance, will be so eager to wait.See the camera, the woman directly touched the man’s abdominal muscles of the hand, you can see one spot.It is also possible that the real answer to the “small separation is better than the newlywed”, two men and women embrace together, forehead against forehead between each other, two people also shook their body back and forth.Their body language speaks volumes about how they can’t help each other.In this pair of “husband and wife” close to, just have a collection of old uncle riding an electric tricycle passing by.Although the uncle was used to the world and had seen a lot of dog food, he still looked at the man and woman in front of him and couldn’t speak.This situation, the net friend has said, can’t help but go looking for a place to open a room good, in the street need so enthusiastic and unrestrained?We don’t need this wave of dog food!Some netizens said that this is good, after the exposure of the video, their respective home is sure to be a chicken fly dog dance, which is a relief.Maybe a divorce settlement is on the way, and they can get a temporary job.For this pair of feelings of men and women, I do not know what the net friends have to say?Feel free to leave a comment below!