Toyota’s first shot of the New Year!The all-new SUV, powered by the same model as the Camry, made only 125,800 cars

2022-05-10 0 By

When other auto companies began to announce the sales results in 2021, GaC Toyota kept consumers in suspense, and did not specifically announce the sales situation in 21 years, but announced that the monthly sales capacity officially broke through 100,000 vehicles.In fact, carefully figure out the meaning of GaC Toyota, the new car does not worry about selling, how much capacity can sell how many new cars.As a matter of fact, we can take a careful inventory of gaC Toyota’s new cars, and most of them do not have to worry about selling. Therefore, the core meaning of GAC Toyota’s monthly sales capacity announcement is that what limits my sales volume is my production capacity.What does GaC Toyota rely on to fight the car market after all?In addition to Toyota this word signboard, in fact, and its dense product matrix has a great relationship.During the Chinese New Year, GaC Toyota released a blockbuster model for us, this model is the front landa, priced at 125,800 yuan.To say one thing, the price of fenglanda is very competitive, and it also comes from the TNGA architecture platform, with good safety attributes.In terms of appearance design, Fenglanda inherits camry’s oversized intake net design, which is especially sporty and decorated with a lot of chrome trim.In addition, also used more sharp and also very focused on the eagle eye shape of the headlamp design, looks more personality.From the side view, carrying a two-color body, looks to have a strong sense of fashion, you can guess who is the future competitor of this fernanda?In the high matching models, Fenglanda also equipped with R18 inches of double five wheels, looks more dynamic.The rear of the car, in fact, gives me a feeling similar to Toyota RAV4 Rongfeng model, the signature headlights, smoked black bumper, high ground clearance, have a good family recognition.Body data part, the length, width and height of this fernanda are 4485/1825/1620mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2640mm, its girth size is actually relatively superior.I personally feel that the interior design has not always been the strength of Fenglanda, the whole interior design is relatively regular, suspended large screen, three multi-functional steering wheel, traditional style of mechanical instrument panel, have a more practical side, but at the same time delicate sense is also weakened a lot.Some people say that the budget for toyoda Sega’s new car has been spent wisely, so the fancy interior design is not suitable for Toyota cars, do you think so?The rear seat space of the new car is good, and it supports the proportion of the rear seat, the rear seat space is good, and it also has the rear air conditioning outlet.In addition, the opening of the trunk is very large, and the use efficiency is relatively high, which many automobile enterprises can’t catch up with. Fortunately, our independent brands have made more efforts in this respect.The Fernanda powertrain has received a lot of attention, with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine and A CVT powertrain, and there is no manual model available.The engine has a maximum power of 171 horsepower, which is the same engine as the Toyota Camry.As for the chassis design of this car, the controversy is actually quite big, the rear torsion beam is not independent suspension, while most of its other brand competitors are multi-link rear suspension.Independent suspension is certainly more comfortable than the former, but that seems to be true of many Japanese cars at the same price point, like the Bin Zhi.