Toilet installs the flower to asperse absolutely should install this line, if the worker did not give outfit, be equal to bath with life

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I think, after we buy the house, it is estimated that we will begin to worry about how to decorate the decoration, after all, we are not very familiar with this aspect, so often always lead to a variety of situations in the decoration, thus affecting the final effect of the decoration.So today xiaobian would like to share with you the toilet in the decoration, what is the need to pay more attention to.Toilet for two things than is the flower is aspersed and water heater, they appear, can let us all the time just enjoy the hot water, but because toilet lighting effect is not good, so it is particularly damp places in the home, but now many of the heater is needed, so that if there is no more careful,It’s easy to get electrocuted., however, comes to get an electric shock, small make up to popular science today will give you about terminal blocks, it is as anti shock very good a thing, often a lot of house developers will be required in the house with this stuff, but most of the decoration workers to let oneself not so trouble, so often won’t install, hence everyone is decorated in the home, after must be checked,If found that the decoration workers did not install this wiring terminal, so must let him install, or do not give him money.Due to such things as the bathroom sink and water heater wire socket are connected, although it looks like nothing, but in the event of leakage, so bring us harm is very big, but this time if we have installation of terminal blocks, so can reduce the chance of this happening.(The small program has been added here, please go to toutiao client to check) but most people do not pay attention to it, but we still raise the level of attention to it, even if installed, not to use it, it is good for us.But if there is any accident, we will regret not installing it, and this terminal is not expensive, so do not think it is not useful to install it.What above says is, toilet is decorating when, the most important place, everybody must not go ignoring it, it is very useful really to us.