Serie A’s latest scorer spezia win 2 penalties in a row unbeaten juve see hope for the scudetto

2022-05-10 0 By

On February 8, Beijing time, the 2021-22 Season of serie A 24th round of the final game of contention, salernitana in the Arechi stadium against Spezia.After 90 minutes of hard work, Spezia away 2-2 salernitana.Spezia’s recent form is good, previously won 3 consecutive wins, salanitana is difficult to see the hope of relegation.Salernitana got off to a dream start 1-0 with a free kick from the left edge of the penalty area just two minutes into the game. Virdi’s volley curled the ball around the wall and into the corner.Five minutes later Spezia took a corner from the left, elic was pushed down by Dragusin in the back point scramble, referee Bareli called the penalty after a few minutes’ VAR check, Manai took the penalty and the ball was firmly converted, Spezia levelled the score at 1-1.The 14th minute, Salernitana in the middle of the pressure, Castanos box arc before the ball was tackled by Amiang, Salernitana to get the position of the free kick opportunity.This time is still Wildi, I saw him vigorously shot, the ball is still across a beautiful arc, is still flying to the top right corner of the goal, goalkeeper Provedel or beyond reach, Wildi free kick scored twice, Saleritana 2-1 to take the lead again.For 25 minutes, spezia box on the right side of free kick opportunity, rob some shooting maner Iraq, jose hands, the ball hit the referee VAR determine again after penalty kick, werder fencing is taking overnight, there two record directly from free-kicks, sperry JiYaZe is even a 2 penalty, and the score tied twice.The relegation battle ended in a 2-2 draw as neither side found the net.In terms of the table, Inter milan lost to AC Milan after being stopped by Atlanta, which also let the pursuers see hope for the title, Napoli, AC Milan are chasing only 1 point, the last 10 rounds of unbeaten Juve have seen some hope for the title, they now and Inter have narrowed the gap to single figures, 8 points.In terms of scoring, there is no change in the top 10, imbiile and just transferred to Juve on the goal of the verahovic is still neck and neck in the lead, the two men 18 goals tied for the first, other chasing gap is a little far, third simeone 12 goals 6 goals behind as much as.