“Safe walking” school season, police shu Shu “nursing model” on time

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The end of the holiday recently ushered in the first day back to school for the safety of children Shigu public Security opened the “nursing mode” to ensure the safety of the entrance to protect the entrance of shigu public security to give full play to the role of nursing post, organize the police to maintain the order of the entrance and exit of the campus, effectively improve the level of campus security.During the peak hours of students’ school, we patrol and take precautions, and check suspicious persons and vehicles around the campus, so as to ensure the maximum safety of teachers and students on campus and effectively improve the sense of security of teachers, students and parents.Security inspection shikwu public security organization people, auxiliary police in-depth district school, campus security inspection before the opening of the school.Careful and meticulous inspection was carried out around the school’s internal guards on duty, patrol and guard, as well as the implementation of civil air defense, physical defense, technical defense and other safety precautions, and focused on checking whether the school’s safety evacuation channels, all kinds of fire fighting facilities and fire fighting equipment are fully equipped and effective, to ensure a smooth and orderly campus and surrounding environment during the new semester.The publicity in the new semester began as an opportunity to shek kwu public security organization police districts of primary and secondary schools to carry out safety education campaigns, combining with the characteristics of student’s body and mind and practical ability to accept, in everyday examples as the main line, with case, closely around anti-drug education, fire safety and other aspects of content about safety publicity and education to the students.Campus safety no small matter new semester, a new starting point Shigu public security to create “school peace, teachers and students rest assured, social satisfaction” campus environment wish every students in Shigu study hard, healthy growth of police shu shu will always be your most solid backing!Editor: Wu Hongzhuo
Editor: MAO Xin
Third Instance: Teng Shusheng
Source: Political Office

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