Not Shenyang!Cba playoff location exposure, three teams home games, hongyuan into a big favorite

2022-05-10 0 By

On January 30, Beijing time, the third stage of the CBA game, all-star game and playoff games were revealed.A plan to organize the competition has been circulated online.Instead of shenyang, as previously rumored, the CBA will be in Foshan, Guangdong province.Along with the third phase of the game, there are all-star games and playoff games.That is to say, the next match will be held in Guangdong.In the first two stages of the competition, Guangdong Hongyuan did not play well, but Shenzhen team and Guangzhou Longshi have made great progress.This time, guangdong three teams will erupt together?The CBA regular season has come to the end.There are some gaps between the top 12 and the teams behind, but the 11th Shandong Expressway and the 12th Jilin team still have the possibility of being caught up by the teams behind.As the second stage of the competition, is in Jilin.It is unlikely that the third stage of the competition will continue to be held in Changchun, perhaps for fairness reasons.But don’t worry, changchun fans.After all, the CBA was successfully held this year. If the competition system is still adopted in the future, Jilin may hold some CBA games again in the following seasons.The third stage of net passing will be held in Shenyang, Liaoning province, where the CBA competition was not held before the standard.And in the Chinese super league and league a, Dalian undertook the game, Shenyang did not.However, dalian people club has suffered an unexpected blow, in the first and the Super play-off lost to Chengdu Chengdu, relegated to the first.And dalian is far less interested in cba than soccer.Guangdong has hosted a large number of domestic competitions in the past few years.Moreover, the playing field is more neat, with alternative venues.If something goes wrong with one venue, there are several others.This is perhaps the biggest difference between Guangdong sports and the rest of the country.Considering the long schedule, Foshan is more suitable than Shenyang to host the playoffs.Although there are three teams in Guangdong, foshan was the home of the Guangzhou Dragons and lions.The new season of Guangzhou Dragon lion, cba league is the biggest dark horse.The team is expected to do well.The team configuration is reasonable, many players are their own through the draft to get the first and second pick.Guo shiqiang, the former head coach of the Chinese national team, is familiar with the cba’s other opponents.This year’s Guangzhou team has a chance to reach the top four and maybe even the finals.And shenzhen team and Guangdong hongyuan team, although the results can be, but there are obvious shortcomings.The former have mediocre domestic players in the backcourt, while the latter have been noticeably weaker inside this season.The CBA also gave teams time to adjust their rosters.Can claim free agents despite being unable to loan or transfer players during the transfer window.There are a lot of players on the market right now.Many people have won the CBA championship, such as Li Gen, Noble and so on.There are also players who have tried out for the NBA, such as He Tianju.During the Spring Festival, teams need to hurry up and make final preparations.Guangdong Hongyuan has not been seen as a title favorite before, but this time they will play at home.It’s hard to compete for four consecutive titles, but it’s not much harder than three and two.PS: It is not easy for old fans in Hubei to write. If it is convenient, please pay attention to old fans in Hubei and help recommend their works.