More than 140 existing residential elevators have been completed and put into use in the southern District of Qingdao, and more than 90 are going through preliminary procedures

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Peninsula media reporter Wang Liping since 2021, the city south district actively explore the installation of elevator residents consultation and coordination mechanism, the installation of elevator work on a new level.Up to now, the district has accepted a total of 344 existing residential elevator installation, the completion of the use of more than 140 elevators, more than 100 under construction, more than 90 are going through preliminary procedures.Innovative services to crack and ladder problem “since I does the practical work for the masses’ ‘activities, community five elevators are installed and put into use, 8 elevators have finished the public is organizing construction installation, four elevators are fair show period for residents’ opinions, this smooth add repositories of elevator, greatly facilitate the residents travel, get consistent high praise.”Carefree community resident committee director Dai Yan said.Shinan District Urban Construction Bureau, together with relevant departments such as planning and sub-district offices, held in-depth research symposia on the project site to ask people for their needs and advice;We will solicit and listen to residents’ opinions and suggestions face to face, do a good job of interpreting policies, answering questions and resolving doubts, and improve institutional processes and service measures in accordance with public opinion.Gradually formed the street, community coordination, urban construction, planning departments of the “street call district response” working method, effectively resolve the contradiction between residents.”To make people more comprehensive understanding of the policy, we choose to send policy to the door,” golden way street downtown office development staff liu Hong Kong, “at the same time, strengthen the management, the grid, highlight the deliberation and coordination fortress role of party organizations at the grass-roots level and use ‘neighborhood feeling’ ‘interests ice, with” everyone say “crack” ladder difficult’.”In order to make it more convenient for residents, Shinan district explored a variety of retrofitting forms, and put forward the working mechanism of “old residential area reconstruction + retrofitting elevator” and “contiguous retrofitting”.”Through joint action and initiative, we focused on guiding residents to reach a consensus on the old buildings with strong will and better installation conditions.”Districts city construction bureau relevant controller introduces, “at the same time, actively combined with old village transformation, with the ‘all units elevator uniform shape, the principle of unified style, into the environment as a whole to promote concentrated equipped with elevators, strive to build a batch of’ change + ladder model project, the implementation will old village renovation, equipped with elevator and shall as a whole of overlay, for now,A total of more than 20 projects have been carried out, and nearly 20 projects have been combined with the renovation of old residential areas.”Add the elevator to add the temperature of the city without the elevator of the old building, dozens of steps become a “mountain” in front of the elderly, down also can not go down, also can not go up.February 15, fushan Bay garden community to install the elevator again started, and there is a building “hanging elderly” harvest the happiness brought by the elevator.Yu Guiying is a resident of Yancheng Road community in Zhanshan Street. “I was worried when I saw the elevators installed in the community. Now we are looking forward to installing elevators, which can be regarded as a solution to a ‘heart disease’.”Installing elevators in old residential areas is not only helpful to alleviate the problem of “difficult travel” for the elderly in the aging society, but also a powerful measure to promote the reconstruction of old residential areas.Nowadays, there are more and more elderly people in the city who are unable to climb stairs or go downstairs freely.Shinan District actively sorted out urban construction projects, listed a three-year plan to overcome difficulties, and formulated the implementation plan for the renovation of old residential areas in Shinan District. It planned to invest 1.05 billion yuan to complete the renovation of 2,492 old residential areas covering 3.98 million square meters, benefiting 59,000 households.Urban renewal and urban construction of the decisive action has been fully rolled out in the south of The city.Make update model zone construction of backbone, a better life on the districts 14th party congress report, the government work report, urban renewal has become to improve the quality of urban area, improving the living environment, major engineering, and engineering of the people’s livelihood, the well-being of the people is more districts to improve the quality of functions and speed up the transformation development big opportunity comes once in a blue moon.Next, Shinan District will continue to adhere to the “appropriate medicine”, for the project into the process, will track and promote the whole process, from the implementation of policies and will coordination and other aspects, adhere to the people first, strengthen the livelihood of the people and social construction, to ensure the smooth progress of the elevator installation project,To make the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security more substantial, more secure, and more sustainable, to turn “urgent and difficult worries” into “satisfactory answers”, brave to become the backbone area, main position and vanguard of the city’s urban renewal and construction management.