Get away!Yangpu traffic police this “Tiger Spring Festival travel strategy” is very practical

2022-05-10 0 By

As the Spring Festival approaches, Shencheng is filled with festive celebrations everywhere.This year, many people choose to stay in Shanghai for the Spring Festival, which is expected to bring a large number of tourists to both commercial centers and tourist attractions.So, how to safeguard Yangpu citizens at ease travel?Is it convenient to park in the Pentacle?Is there enough parking space in Gongqing Forest Park?Don’t worry, Yangpu traffic police for everyone to prepare a Tiger Spring Festival travel strategy, quickly close!In the hearts of many Yangpu residents, wujiaochang business circle is the first choice for eating and drinking during the Spring Festival.In addition to the parking lots of Wanda Plaza, Suning Shopping Square, Youmai Life Square, Heshenghui and Bailian Youyicheng, Yangpu Traffic police also collected the parking resources such as Skysmart World parking lot, Jiangwan Stadium parking lot and Pentagonal Fengda parking lot around Wujiaochang, which is convenient for tourists to find parking space.During the Spring Festival holiday, Gongqing Forest Park is also one of the popular tourist attractions in Yangpu area, with a large demand for parking.To this end, Yangpu traffic police in advance row touch, comb out the parking resources around Gongqing Forest Park, made into a chart for the reference of citizens and tourists, the chart in detail marked the location of the parking lot and the number of parking.Such as nenjiang road temporary road parking lot can accommodate 400 cars, minxing road temporary road parking lot can accommodate 100 cars.Yangpu Binjiang as the new jin network celebrity card, the Year of the Tiger during the Spring Festival will also usher in a large passenger flow.Yangpu traffic police planning ahead of time, the parking resources around binjiang into the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival travel strategy.For example, the parking lot of Binjiang International Plaza can park 640 cars, and the parking garage under Fisherman’s Wharf can park 950 cars.Parking lots and parking Spaces can be easily found through the travel guide map.In addition to providing convenient services for the majority of motor vehicle drivers, Yangpu traffic police also solemnly remind the majority of non-motor vehicle drivers: when riding out, we must wear safety helmets correctly, shall not drive in the opposite direction, shall not long horn, shall not modify the vehicle, shall not ride the phone, etc..On countless roads ahead, safety comes first.I wish you all a happy and safe Year of the Tiger.Source: Shanghai Yangpu