Continuous cooling, how to pay attention to driving norms?

2022-05-10 0 By

Before starting the car, the driver must seriously do some car inspection, check the safety equipment on the car: steering, brakes, lights, instruments, speakers, wipers, etc., should be intact and effective.When driving in foggy days, clean the windshield and headlights, according to the rules to open fog lights, close lights, front and rear small lights, width indicators and taillights, full use of lights to improve visibility, see the road ahead, vehicles and pedestrians dynamic.When driving in winter, we should pay attention to the smooth speed and average operation, such as sudden acceleration, sudden braking and sudden turning, which are taboo for snow driving.When the front of a large truck carrying a large number of goods, we must pay attention to avoid, not too close to the vehicle, keep a safe distance, so as not to be hit by falling goods.The car should accelerate smoothly when driving, medium and low speed driving;Slow refueling, start acceleration, gently add, slow add, avoid tire skid, sideslip attack.Because you fuel up too fast, the driving force of the vehicle is greater than the adhesion of the road surface, resulting in the drive wheel idling, vehicle lateral deviation.Therefore, it is necessary to control the throttle, so that the driving force is less than the adhesion of the road surface, in order to prevent or reduce the occurrence of skid, sideslip.Driving is not standard, relatives two tears.Vehicles in the north had better replace snow tires in winter, snow tires are more targeted at the northeast road, in the icy road is not easy to skid.Red and green after the start will be more smooth, a small move will not only increase the safety of the vehicle, but also to the pedestrians crossing the road is guaranteed, countless car accidents tell us, sometimes fast, fast life.During the holidays, drivers should not drink. According to China’s traffic law, drunk driving is not allowed. Alcohol will paralyze our nerves, make our actions slow, and even make the vision that should be clear become blurred.No matter when, traffic safety is a big thing we should pay attention to.