Beijing 2022 Key Project Plan List, 300 in total (complete project list is attached)

2022-05-10 0 By

List of Key Projects in Beijing in 2022, including:Millet cars, Beijing Oriental health core competence base, Amy vaccine China headquarters and industrialization base for a new vaccine project, jingdong Asia logistics park, a tip number one Ann daxing biological science park project, security shield landa intelligent robot safety defense system production base project, daxing airport economic zone aviation headquarters park, Beijing international design site they found supporting project (north bubbleBlock Phase II project), Beijing Yuanbo Digital Economy Industrial Park, Industrial Internet data security information port, Zhongguancun Jingxi Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center, South Axis International Culture and Technology Park, Xiaomi Future Industrial Park, Jinyu Digital Supply Chain Industrial Park demonstration project, China Power Construction Science and Technology Innovation Industrial Park and other 300 projects.The specific list is as follows: