A burst of guard competition into white heat!Doncic Curi Morant who has no regrets?

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The race for an All-NBA team this season is likely to be heated, especially at guard.There are three NBA guard stars capable of making the first All-Nba team.Curry, Morant and Doncic will definitely miss one of them this season.This article may wish to analyze from the data and the record of two aspects of the three people will regret it.Start with Steph curry. If he only played 40 GAMES in the NBA this season, he would be the perfect guard for a first team.Curry led the Warriors through the first half of the season, putting up great individual numbers and leading the team.Curry is averaging nearly 26 points, five rebounds and six assists per game this season, leading the Warriors to second in the NBA.Curry is shooting 42.7 percent from the field, leading the league in 3-point attempts per game, second in free-throw percentage and first in plus-minus.Curry led the Warriors to the top of the league early in the season and was among the top three in points per game.Unfortunately, Curry has been in a slump lately, with his hands up and down, and the Warriors’ record is slipping.Morante is having the best season of his career.He’s averaging nearly 27 points, six rebounds and seven assists per game across the board and shooting 49.5 percent from the field, much better than Curry.The gap between the Grizzlies and the Warriors is narrowing, with the Warriors currently second in the league and Morante moving the Grizzlies to third.And the Warriors are within two games of the Grizzlies, with the Grizzlies poised to overtake the Warriors at any moment.Morante is currently averaging better points, rebounds and assists than Curry, and he’s not inefficient.Doncic is currently averaging 27.5+9.2+9 per game.In the first half of the season, perhaps no one expected Doncic to be selected for first team this season.Because the Mavericks started the season a little mediocre, not even in the top eight in the west.But doncic has been on fire lately.Doncic has scored 30 or more points in four of his last five games, 40 or more in three and 50 points in one.Doncic added 49 points, 15 rebounds and eight assists in a win over the New Orleans Pelicans.Doncic scored 96 points in his previous two games against the Clippers.The Mavericks are in fifth place in the Western Conference and within two games of Utah for fourth place.Doncic has another potential advantage over the two stars.So far, he’s running a one-man team that doesn’t have any All-Star caliber players and has a mostly mediocre rotation.Morant and Curry have a lot of help around them.If we were to rank them, Curry Morant has the clear advantage in terms of wins.Doncic and Morante have the advantage in terms of numbers.So which of these three stars will not be selected for first team?It could very well be Curry.Why curry with the best record won’t make the cut.Curry has a record advantage, but not a clear lead over Morant.Doncic led the team to fifth place in the Western Conference.Curry enters 2022 in poor form and mediocre efficiency.Morant and Doncic have been pretty steady all season, with little ups and downs.And lately, both Morant and Doncic have been great, either scoring high points or delivering clutch shots.Curry hasn’t been as good lately.The last loss to the Nuggets served as the backdrop for a game-winning game, and Curry is going to have to work hard.If he can find his groove, improve his offensive efficiency, and keep the team winning percentage, he has a chance to make an impact.Otherwise Curry would have been out for a while.Readers, which of these three do you think won’t make the NBA first Team this season?