Will the price rise of Greek building materials be high in 2021?Which building materials are going up the most?

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Since 2021, European and American countries, including Greece, have experienced a very serious bout of inflation.Living in Greece, I have personally experienced the rising prices of necessities such as diesel, electricity and food, as well as the pressure on ordinary Greeks. In December 2021, the CPI in Greece rose by 5.1% compared with the same period in 2020.In January 2022, it rose by 6.2%.From 2010 to 2019, Greece experienced the outbreak, spread, bottoming and rebound of the economic crisis, resulting in a very small increase in the consumer price index in Greece and very stable prices.According to Greek media reports, the price of building materials for new residential buildings in Greece rose by 7.1% in December 2021 compared to December 2020, higher than the overall increase in the Greek CPI.Today, we dig deeper, based on data released by the Greek National Statistics Agency, to see which building materials saw the biggest increase: 1. Electricity prices rose 44.9%;2. Diesel prices rose 27.7 percent;3. The price of rebar increased by 19.3%;4. Copper pipe prices rose 16.9 percent.What is the difference between Cupreous pipes and copper pipes?Greece these higher building materials, from oil, iron ore and other raw materials rise;Greece imports most of its oil, steel and copper, and the rising cost of building materials is imported inflation.In Greece, the cost of building steel, cement, mortar and ready-made concrete, wood, accounts for more than half of the total cost of building materials.Higher prices for electricity, diesel, rebar and copper pipes had only a limited impact on Greek building materials.In China, construction materials account for the proportion of construction cost, generally not more than 60%;Labor costs account for the proportion of construction costs, generally not more than 20%.In Greece, construction materials generally account for less than 50% of construction costs;Labor costs account for the proportion of construction costs, generally more than 40%.Is it expensive to build a house in Greece with materials or labor?In 2021, the price of new homes in Athens, Greece, rose by at least 7%, faster than the price of building materials in Greece.But the main reason for the rise in new home prices in Athens is not the rise in the cost of building materials, which has had a limited impact, but the recovery of the Greek economy and the activity of buyers.Huo Qingchuan in Songtao Bay, Athens, Greece, February 17, 2022