Visit Tony Leung ka-fai’s mansion in Hong Kong, the first time to see the living room with trees, decoration than the palace luxury

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Tony Leung ka-fai, the name of which I believe everyone is familiar with, is a famous actor in Hong Kong in the last century. In his works, no matter the leading role or supporting role, he can portray the role well.Also in this aspect has won a lot of awards, in his interpretation of the works, many are just, of course, there are bad roles, he can grasp very well.About his gossip in his debut has been relatively little, there is a respectful wife and their precious children, and what is worth giving up.Now he is getting old, but the rumors about him have never stopped. His acting is still imitated by current actors, and he has his own position in the international film circle.Let’s take a look at his home and get to know him better off screen.And his wife’s love has always been the envy of people, his wife these years because of the side of the body out of shape, but he has never abandoned his wife and son because of these, but has been cherishing their hard-won love.He made his own decisions about everything, and he had his own ideas about how the family should be decorated.The style that decorate in the home is contracted wind, do not have redundant furniture, it is simple, unadorned, those who notice is practical.No bells and whistles.You can also dine and connect with your family and friends from time to time.The family also planted a tree, to see the flower season to decorate the whole living room warm and romantic.I don’t know which birthday, but spending time with my family is unforgettable.Home decoration style is 1 dark department is given priority to, there is no fixed style, less Chinese and European mixture, still be harmonious.Just the color department in the home is too too deep, do not have sweet feeling instead, have trifling gloomy, but fortunately they have simple sense on the choice of furniture, with dark color department very collocation.There’s less of that uncomfortable feeling.See him decorate basically with Europe type to give priority to, still placed the furniture that belongs to oneself be fond of beside and a few simple match adorn article.The choice of lighting is bright tone, the sense of space.On the choice of lamplight colour, accord with whole.He and his wife had a daughter of their own, and the family was happy.Friends also like to play at home, the atmosphere is very good.The home also raised several pets, a cat, a puppy dog.Now he is getting older and older, but also more and more charm, from his photos, we can see his love for his wife, sofa color selection is ancient red, in the overall effect of the presentation, there is a patchwork feeling, rich design sense of all kinds of collocation, set off the family warm.Pets are happy, too, living in such a loving home environment.His love story with his wife has always been envied.There is no doubt about that.In his world, there is work, love, a successful career, and the love child of himself and his wife.The girls are sensible enough to have their own lives.In his life, there should be a lot of unsolved regret, from his early interview with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he is very high requirements for himself.It was also because he was so demanding of himself that he had a period of depression.Fortunately, he walked out with the help of his wife.He has chosen not to be active in the entertainment industry, and has not allowed his children to develop in the entertainment industry, should have his own better choice.We will remember him for his good work in film and television, because good characters should be remembered.I wish them peace, joy and health in the days to come.May the years take away his sorrow, but never his excellence.