Is 40 seconds for 200 meters slow?

2022-05-09 0 By

A 200-meter run of 40 seconds is slow for a normal adult.Even a normal adult 200 meter run of 40 seconds is considered very slow.Although 200 meters is only a sprint event, its difficulty can be seen from it is known as one of the most difficult events in track and field. As a running event that requires both speed and endurance, it requires very high comprehensive quality of athletes.Comparing the scoring standard of 200 meters in China’s physical education college entrance examination, it can be clearly seen that running 200 meters to 40 seconds is a very slow result.In the physical Education college entrance examination, men only need to run the 200 meters in 23.6 seconds to get a perfect score, while those who run the 200 meters in 25.6 seconds or more are judged to have failed.So the comparison is very clear, so 40 seconds is a very slow level for the 200 meters.200 meters race because of the characteristics of the runway, the athlete’s speed, strength, endurance and technical level is very high requirements, relative to the straight acceleration, corner acceleration skills are different.And the acceleration process in the 200 meter race is only a small proportion, so athletes tend to run in the 200 meter event faster than the 100 meter average speed, relatively will make the 200 meter speed standard requirements rising.The 200-meter race can be accelerated through endurance training and corner skills, and while it takes speed talent to get to the top, it is possible to move from a slower pace to a normal adult level.As long as adults with normal physical fitness master good cornering techniques and strengthen their own endurance attributes, 200-meter running can reach the normal level through acquired efforts.